Hotel discrimination

Are Taiwanese hotels allowed to discriminate against foreigners by banning them from staying (using the excuse of COVID 19) Are hotels allowed to set their own rules on who they can accept and when (different rules for Taiwanese vs foreigners) And if not what law can be used to take action against the offending hotel?

No, Immigration Act Article 62.


what was the offending hotel? its been like half a year since foreigners were allowed in to the country so it would be a pretty odd move at this time.

Im sure it still happens, it happened to me but yes it was a while ago now.

It has not officially happened. Just I was told I have to show my passport ( have an APRC) to show that I have not left the country in the last 30 days (not 14). So just want to know my rights if it escalates

are they asking everyone? if they are also asking taiwanese it shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is the specific action you can take. Since it’s a hotel, find out if they are properly licensed. If they are, then you can take action against them via the tourist board or whichever department is responsible. If they are not legal, ie AirBNB but not registered, you can simply report them to the right authorities and have their establishment fined or closed or both.

You may also be able to sue for damages… but you may need to see a lawyer for that. Of course, by then, you may not want to actually stay in that ‘guest house’… if that’s the right word to call it!

Article 1

The Regulations is enacted in accordance with paragraph 3, Article 62 of the Immigration Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act).

Article 2

Anyone residing in Taiwan Area, if discriminated against based on nationality, ethnicity, skin color, class, or birthplace, may petition the competent authorities for the resultant infringement of his/her rights, unless otherwise stipulated in other laws.

Article 3

The petition shall be filed in writing within two months from the day, following the discovery of the infringement of rights. However, if more than one year has lapsed since the occurrence of the infringement, the petition shall not be filed.
The petition stated in the proceeding paragraph is entered from the date when the competent authorities receive the petition in writing. However, if the petition in writing is filed to the competent authorities by certified mail, the date of the petition is entered from the date indicated on the postal stamp.

Article 4

The petition shall contain the following items along with the signature(s) or seal(s) of the petitioner and/or his/her proxy:
The petitioner’s name, date of birth, ID document number, residence address, and telephone number;
The proxy’s name, date of birth, ID document number, residence address, and telephone number if a legal proxy acts on behalf of the petitioner;
The identity of the defendant;
Demands of the petition;
Material facts and reasons of the petition;
Documentary evidence if available;
The date of the petition.

Article 5

The petition shall be written and prepared in Chinese. The translation of the attached foreign documents shall be provided only for the sections relevant to the petition. However, if deemed necessary, the competent authorities may notify the petitioner to provide the translation of the other additional sections.

Article 6

For any petition in writing the does not satisfy the stipulations set forth in the two proceeding articles, but can be rectified, the competent authorities shall notify the petitioner to make the rectification within 20 days following notification.

Article 7

After accepting the petition, the competent authority shall notify the defendant to defend himself/herself.

Article 8

The competent authorities shall invite and convene the head of relevant authorities and departments, and impartial people to establish the Taiwan Area Residents Discrimination Petition Review Committee to adjudicate petitions.

Article 9

The competent authorities shall review petitions principally based on documentary evidence. When necessary, the relevant authorities, petitioner, defendant, or interested party may be notified to appear at a specified location to provide testimony.

Article 10

Any petition under one of the following circumstances shall be rejected:
The petition in writing does not conform to the statutory format and cannot be rectified, or is not rectified within the specified period.
The period specified in Article 3 for filing the petition has already lapsed;
The petitioner has no legal capacity and no proxy to act on his/her behalf to file the petition, a condition which has not been rectified within the specified period;
A remedy has been stipulated in other laws;
The petition, for which a decision has been made or which has been rejected, is presented again.

Article 11

The competent authorities shall reach a decision on the petition within 3 months following the day of the filing.

Article 12

The competent authority shall notify the petitioner and the defendant of the decision reached on the petition.

Article 13

The effective date of the Regulations shall be determined by the Ministry of the Interior.


Im sure they check ALL taiwanese passports if they have traveled recently its the new world and resident visa holders are allow to travel and return to tw so they are foreigners who are scoped because of a higher risk
Some visa exempt cant travel if they do they aint coming back

Wow the detailed post is deep :slight_smile:

Wait will taiwanese bring their passports to checkin to a hotel? Or does local id show there recent travel?
Maybe they wont check tw locals? Only foreigners?
Lets call some hotels and ask

They also need to be aware that passport checks are useless for displaying the information needed. The e-gates at the airport are open to ARC holders again.


Wow so no way to check travel, only asking?

Maybe just asking is ok,people will tell the truth

I stayed at the Hilton and the Hyatt last week and they didn’t require a passport check. Just my ARC and my wife’s ID.

I have to show my passport . Taiwanese partner does not. She has been out of taiwan more recently than me :mask:. I don’t think it’s ok to have different requirements on what ID to show


Your ARC isn’t enough?

Please name the hotel.

Use this form if in Taipei


The instructions are to show the passport (only me )

Which hotel was it? I never carry my passport with me except when travelling abroad. Both the hotel and I will be disappointed if showing the passport is a requirement.

Clearly they discriminate , when i showed up at my check in they straight up said no foreigners allowed In the building. The reason was they wanted to protect the residents in high rise as not all of the building was hotel style.
We had stayed there before china sickness, but the boss gave us a different room near by @ the same price . Little inconvenience but thats why i wasnt so mad.
The room was about 4-500nt a night … ghetto Not really a hotel room just a bookin cheapo

e-gate? what’s an e-gate? We are Taiwanese — we don’t know software technology. We only look at big red stamp for furrreeeiners.

The names of hotels where they do discriminate would be of use to me. Anything less than that is of no point.

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