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Do hotels in Taiwan have air-con heating in the winter?

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Taiwan? Where in Taiwan?

  • Northern Taiwan, like Taipei, sometimes need heat, and need to check case by case
  • Mid and south Taiwan, not needed, except in mountains.
  • Chingjing or Alishan, in the mountains for instance, many places no heating, but it is much desired.
  • Only need heating in certain locations and certain times.

Which hotels?

  • Nice hotels, heating.
  • Cheap hotels, no heating.

Three/four star hotels.
I have written to a couple of hotels and asked them about heating but I got no answer.

yes, usually they do.
also, this isnt Siberia, you wont freeze in your horel room. Worst case just wear a sweater.

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You only really need heating in the mountains. Upscale Alishan House for example definitely has heating available. Cheaper hotels I am not so sure.

I spent a month in Taipei in February-March 2009, in a place with no heating. It was horribly cold.


Well, people definitely have different tolerance levels when it comes to temperatures. I feel cold in a hotel room when the air con is set below 23 degrees Celsius. But at home in Taipei I have never used any heater during winter, or air con during summer, which is more of a challenge than cold weather.

What you’ve never used air con in the summer in Taipei? What?!


I feel cold with the air-con is at 26. I am in South Taiwan freezing at this very moment because it’s 19 degrees outside. Heater on. I should move further south.

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Many Taiwanese rather succumb to humidity, heat and cold than spending a dime on feeling comfortable. Maybe mahjong and kaoliang do the trick?

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I‘ve stayed in a hotel (somewhere in the mountain area) once which didn’t have heating (the bathroom and the room were freaking cold - less than 16°C probably), but they did have a heated mattress cover which made the cold temperatures surprisingly comfortable.

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Better check before, i got a freezing night in Yilan before with a hotel without heating.

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Yes, I have been trying to check, but hotels are not answering… Perhaps they can’t read English…

Probably to Thailand…

Some do, some don’t.

Not necessarily the case. I was shocked the Westin Taipei (rebranded now, but very nice hotel) had no heat.

Dang Just switched on Aircon cause 17 outside is still damn hot with 92% humidity right now in Taichung.

Rather problematic that many hotels have central air con and right now just blow through hot humid air from outside if you switch on Aircon in winter here.

I sleep best at 5-8°, then finally can use a heavy blanket and not a thin one or just a sheet as I do above 15-17°…
I only don’t like sub zero too much for sleeping but anything above -10° still gives me a good sleep, below hard to not fight with the very dry air as at those temps air just doesn’t hold much humidity at all anymore and lips nose just dry out…

Taiwanese are funny. Always complaining that it’s “too cold” but they don’t seem bothered by wearing layers of jumpers and jackets in their own home. I have yet to find a hotel that offers heating (probably I’m just a cheapo :melting_face:) so I tend to go for windowless rooms, which helps keep the temperature up since isolation here is generally s**t.

I had a freezing experience in Yilan too in April because the windows were HUGE damnit.


No heat in big hotels isn’t usually a problem for me, but I remember two uncomfortable experiences staying at low priced minsus in high altitude areas where there was no heat, not even a space heater. I froze those nights and even resorted to using the hair dryer to try and warm up.

I feel like the OP might not be getting responses from places because they’re thinking, “Is this person serious? Of course there’s no heating!” :person_shrugging:

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at least they had one of those :smile:

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Here is a map of hotels with heating in Taiwan from 2021. It’s in Chinese, but if you click on a hotel, there is usually the name in English or a URL. Make sure to check the the first check box on the left if you would like to see the hotels in Taipei and New Taipei. Also, make sure to request a heated room as some hotels only have certain rooms/floors with heating, and some only have space heaters.

Hotels with Heating in Taiwan