Hotels that accept quarantiners

Can you quarantine in any Taipei hotel or must it be on the approved list? All the hotels on the approved list are wildly overpriced. If not, which cities are allowing quarantine in any hotel? Ideally I’d like to book on and pay when I arrive, with the option to cancel for free 24 hours prior if I change my plans.

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If you’re going to stay in a hotel as opposed to a home that you rent, you MUST quarantine in an approved quarantine hotel. This applies regardless of the city.

You cannot book a room in a non-quarantine hotel in any city. Hotels will ask about your travel history and check your passport.

Yes, quarantine hotels are pricey but the cost of breaking the rules and causing an outbreak is far, far greater. In addition to fines and public scorn, people who violate the rules jeopardize the lives of others and threaten the coronavirus-free environment that millions of people in Taiwan are blessed to enjoy.

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Quarantine hotels must fulfill certain requirements such as no carpet, individual air conditioning for each room, special training for the employees, compliance with quarantine protocol (such as trash collection, room disinfection, …), …

If you just book “any” hotel, they might probably not be able to fulfil most of these requirements.

Can anyone help or provide information with hotels that have room? I’m arriving mid dec and have flights and everything booked, but all the hotels listed are fully booked…

Anyone know how I can stay at the government quarentine facility? I don’t mind slumming it in a plastic box for a couple weeks with no internet.

Hi @radiojams,

As mentioned by others earlier in this topic, I also booked via and I was very happy with the customer service and the overall process. I can see that several options are still available according to their website.

In Taipei there are some hotels in the list that still have available rooms for Mid Dec

for example this one

Hi all, quick question -
I am traveling to the US and am not totally clear on the SOP for quarantining when I come back to Taiwan. Thanks for any input. Some questions I want to double-check since I can’t find a clear answer to some of these.

  1. Can I quarantine at an Airbnb? (Based on other threads here, looks like no.)
  2. Can I quarantine in my home? (Shared bathroom, so looks like no.)
  3. Can I quarantine at a short-term rental/friend’s place? (From what I’ve read it looks like yes, but I’m unclear how this is legally different than Airbnb.)
  4. If I want to quarantine at a hotel, do I need to set it up before I get to Taiwan or can I just decide at the airport?
  1. No
  2. No
  3. Make sure food delivery does not require you to get out of the place.
  4. Set it up ASAP as best places are taken quickly and what is left is too expensive/horrid.

Consider options outside of Taipei.

If not traveling alone, check if you are allowed in the same place. In theory, each person should have their own bathroom.