Houseplants and potted trees with delivery -- Taipei

OK, I am feeling the need to plant some veggies… container gardening on my patio, but I wonder what gardening zone would Taiwan be in ? ANYONE GOT A CLUE?

Just trying to find some plants that will do well here… last time I grew lettuce here it just all bolted really quick…

Herbs do well.
On my patio I have sage, rosemary, basil, mint lemon balm…

Plan to sow some eggplant, chives, radish, celery, watermelon, bai tsai, asparagus bean, and nipple fruit soon.
Now’s the time to sow.

The north of Taiwan is sub-tropical and the south closer to tropical. You should be able to grow just about anything in Taiwan’s climate. Just plant it and watch it grow :smiley:

Good article on container gardening

… like potted trees that can be in sunlight all the time… and can be delivered… and are affordable! i’m looking for 8-10 of them.

Try the Neihu Flower market instead of the Jianguo weekend flower market. The Neihu market is on Ruiguang Rd. Nearby the intersection with … hmm what is that cross street? Anyone? If you can’t find anything there, I once took a trip down south to buy Palm trees at a town down there that has lots of tree farms. Quite cheap. I think for what you are looking for, Neihu is fine. It is only open in the mornings until 11AM I think and it is cheap as it is kind of a wholesale market. Just walk around and ask the prices of stuff you like. About delivery, ask them, I think they should deliver.

I agree, try Neihu market: 400, Ruiguang Rd, Neihu, 內湖瑞光路400號.
Ruiguang is the street just past the highway overpass/gas sta./中國時報 building on Minquan (Minchuan) E. Rd, and before Chenggong (Ch’engkung) Rd.

I can’t remember the name of the crossroad either, but just go a few hundred meter north from Minquan and then start looking for it on the right (east) side. Yes, they deliver; if you buy a handful of small items from various shops, then buy a couple of big ones from one of the shops, the latter should deliver all of the items for a fee of about 300NT max. I did that once and paid on delivery.

Better go before they dismantle it. … ewsid=1464

thanks! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it Ruiguang Rd. and Gang1 qian2 Rd. ?

If you go from Taipei city to there with taxi you should say:

Dao[1] Neihu Hua[1]shi[4]
(to Neihu Flower Market)
qing[3] zuo[4] di[3] ding[4] da[4] dao[3]
(Please follow di Ding Highway)
ran[2]hou[4] zai[4] Gang[1] Qian[2] lu[4] you[4] zhuan[3]
(and then at Gang Qian Rd. to the right)

And don’t forget the xiexie!

There are also lots of busses going there from Taipei, however cannot help you with info on that.
Maybe you can go to an MRT station, take one of the free maps there(one in English AND one in Chinese) and ask or point on the map where you want to go. They can then tell you to what MRT station you have to go and what number of bus you should take.

And of course: xiexie

I am not sure if I help you with this info or just make it unnecessary complicated :s

Yeah, that’s it. 港漧路. Gang3qian2 lu4, isn’t it?

It is, indeed.
Forgive me my tones :slight_smile:

there’s a nice plant market off wenlin rd in shipai, south a bit from the intersection with chengde road. a bunch of big shops, tons of stuff.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Better go before they dismantle it. … ewsid=1464[/quote]
I read the linked article before but now it’s gone :s. Is the market still open? If so, are they still planning on closing it down?

(I did search the site in question but couldn’t find anything)

Someone in the pub was asking about where to buy gardening supplies. You know, plant pots and so on. She also asked about grow lights. (Are these like sun lamps? Could I use one to get a tan?)

Is there any kind of specialist place, or do you have to make do with the selection at Carrefour?

The best I would say is the Jianguo market and B&Q. But Okami would be great to ask, as he has this great gardening thing going on…

b&q - expensive

probably a little ways outta the big city, you can find stores that sell plants (a nursery). they usually sell soil, pots etc.

other stores sell shovels (all too short).

EDIT: isn’t there a big flower market on weekends? they should sell everything.

Not quite yet, still need the welder, steel, PVC and netting to get started. Should be up in about another week or 2

I’m assuming that she’s looking for “net pots”, which are used in hydroponics. If she is looking for these, then she’s looking in the wrong places, they’re easy to find and can be bought in bulk if you know where to look. Grow lights have my alarm bells going off though. I can understand if she is using them to get started and gain experience(It’s expensive, but a good way to learn here), but they only become cost efficient when growing marijuana. I don’t grow MJ, but I do have these and know where to get them. She will not find any of these things at the flower markets, Carrefour or B&Q. It’s specialized equipment and that means you have to think outside the box for where to get these things. Have her send me a PM and I can discuss it with her, because if she’s going with hydroponics she’ll have to mix her own nutes, which can be a pain.


Not quite yet, still need the welder, steel, PVC and netting to get started. Should be up in about another week or 2[/quote] Okami, what kind of garden do you have going??? I’m looking to get my own little thing set up once I get a little more settled in, but yours sounds pretty elaborate.

I’m going to start out with a 7 meter by 5.5 meter nethouse. I’ll have 28 pipes in a NFT system split into 4 groups, probbably run the pumps all day due to heat and have my water tank in the shade with cold water running on it, with the occasional block of ice used for cooling. I still have to call the water testers to test the water, so I can formulate the nutrient solution properly. Crops will be 3/4 romaine and 1/4 oakleak, bibb and boston lettuce

I’ve already thought about my second greenhouse and that will be my toy greenhouse with all the special things that I’d like to grow. Thr crops will change, but will most likely be Habanero and anaheim chilis, tomamtillos, roma tomatoes, Good basil, oregano in NFT and probably a gravel bed for kongxincai.

What are you planning on doing?

Nothing nearly so good–[color=green]I’m extremely jealous[/color]. I’m probably be staying where I am for the next year, which means sharing an area about the same size as your nethouse with Ma’s weeds, vines, fish tub-tank, and clothes line. So, really I’ve got less than 25% of the area you’re working in. Fortunately there are three solid walls enclosing this space, so I can make good use of baskets.

I’m going to start of with three boxes of cherry tomatoes, planting each three weeks after the previous. I’ll replace the mint that’s already out there with something that makes a nice pot of Moroccan mint tea, and add some good basil–any advice on where to find some? Using the window bars for support I’m going to plant a long row of shelling peas (if I miss anything about summers back home, it’s raiding Grandma’s pea patch). I’ve also been thinking about setting up three NFT tanks for romaine, but given the heat in the ‘courtyard’ it may not be feasible, even with ice (I think could work around the lack of space with a bit of shelving). Other than that, just for fun, a potted pomegranate shrub (a student gave me one years ago, but I had to abandon it when I left last time :frowning: ) and I’m going to see if I can get a dragon’s eye tree to go bonzai… the delicate leaves should make for something pleasing. Until I get a decent patch of my own space–or stake out a piece of turf next to the river–that’ll have to be it.

I haven’t yet endured a Taipei winter, any problems with fussy plants that don’t like it cool or wet?