Houses in Taiwan (western type)

All of taiwan homes is apartments/buildings. Seriously though why arent there suburbs here like in japan, aus, nz, western countries where u have a house and a yard. Who wouldnt want that because you have more space and stuff.
Although i have seen the few odd houses here and there like this;

But not really a suburban area like you would see in the west. Why doesnt taiwan have more of this in each city or town, would be good tbh.

There are, but not for the average budget. Like, Taoyuan has this lovely area of proper suburban houses, Xindian has older ones and a few townhouses, Tianmu, Nangang. Southern Taiwan has the 3 floor setup. Yilan has townhouses aplenty.

Loved the neighborhoods around Kyoto. Lovely stand alone houses.

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Get around Taiwan more.
Houses with yards are all over Taiwan.

Western style homes made of wood and such aren’t here for a reason.

But houses with yards do exist.


These above are in Hsinchu.

This one below is in Tainan.

And this last one is in Taipei.


I saw an old Japanese style house for rent near work and mentioned it excitedly to my Japanese colleague…Who responded with Ewww. I was shocked, why?! Bugs, she said, rats and such. Oh man, she punctured my hopes.

In the old country we stall have some 100% wood houses, lovely stuff. I used to live in one. Bugs were not such a problem but yes, time demanded a sacrifice and we remodeled the whole thing.

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The countryside all around Taiwan has what I would call “estates”. One huge house with land, usually on a farm, where extended family live together.

Those homes are huge and have a Japanese or even Western(ish) look to them.


And more…



Western Neighbourhood in Taiwan


ah those pics look good. but with land available around all the cities they should maybe make massive suburbs with houses.

make them in this type of setup (in adelaide) but more taiwan style.

No they shouldn’t. North American/Australian suburbs are extremely unsustainable, especially in a dense country like Taiwan.


If anyone has 25 million lying around, there is a house like that for sale here in Dapinglin.


Single floor homes don’t go over well here because of the climate and rains.

Many 1st floors get flooded time to time.

Whats unsustainable about them? Life in houses is better because its quieter, more space and privacy.

I hate suburbia. They are an ecological nightmare. Transportation wise, natural resources, deforestation, destruction of natural balance, increasing carbon emissions, dependency…long list.

Safety is another issue. Suburbia fosters class/ racial stride by grouping people by income/color. Services like hospitals, education, become isolated. Small enterprises are drowned.

During times of economic difficulties or natural disasters, suburban living turns deadly. Isolation is deadly.


yes but suburbia is safer in alot of ways. if a house catches fire then most likely it will only be that house, if an apartment catches fire then there is the chance the whole building can.

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Well. Taiwan has very strict land usage that must be efficiently used. North American style suburbs infringe on much needed farmland that could be used for the food supply. North American suburbs are a strain on the energy grid as high rise flats are more efficient. North American suburbs also put an ungodly amount of fresh water onto an utterly useless crop, grass. Grass is useless and is aesthestic only. Taiwan is a country that relies on rainwater for its needs and watering grass is frivolous at best. It’s wasteful.

Infrastructure costs are higher for low density neighbourhoods. More road upkeep. More roads. More wires. Higher Internet expenses to wire up such neighbourhoods.

Suburban neighbourhoods contribute to major congestion. Taipei is a breeze compared to Toronto, despite similar core and metro populations. Suburbia REQUIRES a car and is not walkable. More cars cause more congestion and more collisions. Cars also require parking, which means MORE land for food is infringed upon. The increase in cars also increase pollution which hurts everyone’s health. Low density neighbourhoods make transit expensive to run or underserviced.

North American suburbia hurts small businesses as less customers are able to be served. People can’t walk or access your business easily and then you end up with Best Buys over Chen’s Computer Shop. And you know Mr Chen’s givin out the deals. Big Box stores increase prices.

Suburbia fosters division in several ways. Less interaction with the people around you creates a sense of paranoia. Since Suburbia is hard to get around for those who don’t drive, especially children, (Some) bored children turn to deliquency or unhealthy habits like sedentary video games as there isn’t enough freedom to go out for entertainment. When the city centre is an inaccessible 20 km away, you’re going to be bored.

Wooden suburban houses can catch fire and can burn down to the ground. High rises come with fireproofing, concrete and water pumps and a whole host of safety features not found in single-family homes. In a concrete and steel structure, a burned out unit can be cleaned and restored. (This one I have experience with)


Money. Build to the border. Or over it. This is, unfortunately, one of Taiwans cultural things tgat can be taken from Beijin styled thinking rather than Japanese. There are a few western styled places around…but not a neighborhood and often shit quality at sky dragon prices.

good points, but suburbia has thr best air quality though compared to city living, china is a good example of that from city living wise,cant open your window.


I disagree. If the “yard” isn’t at least 100 ping, which is still microscopic, then it ain’t a yard.

If the “house” has any of its walls touching any other structures, it ain’t a house.

If it’s a proper house, then you can walk around the entire outside of it and be able to touch all walls.

For me, the absolute minimum dimension of a property with a real house must be no less than 1,000 ping.

These do not exist all over Taiwan. I’ve looked. I had to buy land and build a real house.


Well if you have four directions, even 5 if you count the ceiling, from which thieves and other criminal elements can enter, that’s not safe.

Consider hurricanes, quakes. Houses pancake.

As to fires, no, fires may take a few floors but with current systems, not the whole building.

As to air quality, it is at the cost of nature.


I might have to disagree with the example given though. China’s pollution is extreme and is caused by many factors. Some by its increasingly sprawling suburbs and extreme traffic jams to where the jobs are. I live in Danshui where air quality is good yet everyone lives in high rises. High rise homes do not cause pollution, in fact, heating and cooling them is more efficient, causing less pollution per family. Factories, cars and dirty-energy power plants are primary examples of polluters.

Taichung is less dense than Taipei, but has worse pollution due to its coal power plant, which is the biggest in the world. (Taiwan NUMBA WAN)

There are too many disadvantages for Taiwan in particular to consider putting these kind of neighbourhoods on a large scale and they outweigh most advantages.


On paper, yes. Totally agree. In reality food security is not the national emergency it ought to be. Its quick dollars and cutting corners in every situation. The friggen icon of Taiwan, taipei 101, killed 3 people cause they didnt anchor a crane way up high…I live this country. it is my home, my family are all here and we care deeply about taiwans future. But fuck me if we call land use in taiwan logical, just or legal. Its a nightmare and is only now starting to get tackled. Ironically it is the east coast that is taking it most serious this year.