How can i search google in English?

before i would give up and go to say Canadian google, they used to have English option at the bottom.

now it is gone wand i click every link i see on the homepage but none are for language. is there an easy, non technical way, to not have google always showing up in Chinese. Especially China chinese, thats ultra insulting.

Huh. They’ve made that harder. I used to use something like google/ncr, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

From Google’s home page …

  1. Choose 設定 (Settings), in the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose the top item, something something 設定.
  3. New page, in top left corner, choose 語言 (language).
  4. Select English.

Try /ncr i.e (non country redirectable)


WOW, you guys are good…thanks a lot. months of frustration solved in seconds…thanks!!!

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If you are signed into your Google Account, it remains as so no matter what device you use. It overrides the cookies.

Yeah, what worried me about Explant’s question is that I don’t think I’d realized I was permanently signed in to Google, and that’s why I haven’t had to reset the language again recently. Of course Google’s always tracking me with cookies or whatever anyway, but realizing that I’m always logged in with them adds an extra level of unease.

Being signed in, mind you, makes the mapping functions a heck of a lot more useful.

Sigh. I subscribe to The New Yorker and The New York Times, and they remember my log-in for a few days at best. iHerb seems to remember my log-in for approximately 30 seconds. But Google? I must have signed in to that years ago, and it’s never, ever forgotten.

now that you guys mention this, i just realized my laptop is logged into my wifes gmail account…it all seems more more now. i logged out and it still went back to chinese. i guess it is based on IP, also logical. so followed steps above and i am back in English land once again :slight_smile:

Use duckduckgo. It’s often better than google.

I particulerly dislike Google tracking, I use VPN on one machine, different VPN on another non on my smartphone.
Google cannot stand being unable to track where you are and I’m constantly having to sign in.
I use Youtube a lot for Manderin lessons and my own uses’s so can’t do away with them yet.

Does Google Search seem qualitatively different today, or is it just me?

Yes. It’s started adding little thumbnails for each result.

I see some cosmetic differences like that, but the actual search results seem different and more focused somehow.

Focused like better focused or worse focused?

more is better

Youtube as well has been acting quite strange today.

I don’t know if this is a Google or Taiwanese website issue, but I had trouble finding news stories that shouldn’t have been hard to find today.

Not a Google issue: I can’t find a search bar for the websites of either The China Post or The Taipei Times. That seems seriously weird. There’s just a really obvious search bar that I’m missing because of extreme sleep deprivation, right?

This seems more like a Google issue: I was trying to dig up information for this post, and had no luck whatsoever finding news posts with Google. For example, I googled “steakhouse restructured meat Taiwan”. On my computer (iMac, using Safari), Google tells me there are “About 71,000 results”, yet it’s only giving me two pages, and most of those results say “Missing: restructured.” The search does NOT turn up this article (Taipei Times), and it sure seems like it should.

I only found that Taipei Times article by looking at the date on a broken China Post link for a similar news story, and checking the Taipei Times archive for that same date. I couldn’t find a way to dig back in the archive on the China Post, which seems like a horrible thing for a newspaper to be missing.

Google’s results look different, with the dumb favicon format adding distraction but little useful - but is something deeper going on with the search as well? I’m surprised at how hard that search was.

I found it by searching on: steakhouse restructured meat

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I have been having really strange things happening on my devices as well.

But with these queations try using the search commands

Site:____(url)_____ then you search keywords.

Add quotes “”, + or - and you can surf through a lot of crap pretty quick.