How Did Living in Taiwan Change You?


You tell me that they don’t care about hygiene? Just to be clear, Italians shiver when they see a bathroom without a bidet. And a bidet is not used to wash your feet!


Hey, I had to get my Roman story in here somehow.

And I know, I know, a bidet is used to wash your hair. Everybody knows that. :roll_eyes:


As if! Everyone knows a bidet is for drinking water. I mean, Italian bidet water is probably a lot more hygienic than Kaohsiung tap water.


I always assumed that was a drinking fountain for midgets…


We have someone in the office -full of government officials- who has been doing this foot gymnastics on the non squat toilet for years, even though we have an equal number of squat toilets available as well. I have reached the conclusion it is some kind of protest against this Western cultural imposition called the sitting toilet.


I thought she was fucking with me, so I made her demonstrate how it’s possible one squat standing on the edges of the bowl to prove it. I still didn’t believe it because it looks just ridiculous and possibly a disaster waiting to happen.

So this is a real thing!?!?


Gf also said the same thing. Than I showed her a Japanese toilet. I also did not know what a bidet was before I went to Italy. I didnt believe what it was until she explained it to me and showed me. To me it’s kinda gross. Don’t you just spread your shit all over your ass using it?


I saw one of those toilets at an Internet cafe once so I never went to one again. I was pretty good after that. And that was in 2005.


It’s all so confusing.



Become more aware of reality.

Like i appreciate life in europe more ( awsome supermarkets, clean air, paid holidays, whole family welfare, life balance… ) but at the same time feel where way more where europe sucks (muslim immigrations, lack of digitalization, bureaucracy, spoiled kids, teenages)

Is like my feelings about things are stronger. Either negatively or positively. Wow so fresh air, lets drink beer outside. Such a fun.

On the way to shoppig mall they repairing 1km highway for whole year already, fuckers. Jesus taiwanese do this in a day.

And in some way feel denationalized. More european feeling. No special feeling with my homeland anymore. Mentality am ready and will go anywhere as long they pay me more and my life quality increased.

So kinda know how to enjoy life more


Automatically searching now for a line to queue up whenever buying something/using public facilities


You wipe your behind first with paper, than the remaining possible smear or odor will be gone after using the bidet, water, soap, towel.


To keep the toilet clean please dump in a plastic bag and take it home with you.


I understand that. But even wiping, you’re are pretty much just smearing it around and taking some fecal matter off. Once you put your ass in the water, it’s just spreading in the water?


The magic word is soap.


It’s just not for me. Using basically an asshole bathtub that others also use.


lol… but its not too far from the truth. poopy paper should go in the bin. a bin full of shitty toilet paper. nice.


Well amazingly enough I’ll probably never be able to do without a Japanese-style bidet toilet. This is ours in the master bath. Heated seat, 3 kinds of water sprays from 2 different angles, an air dryer, sensors in the seat automatically open and close the lid. Controller is on the wall. This one is Chinese.

Pretty much poop heaven.


word. dry toilet paper just doesn’t do it for me anymore.


You can wet your fingers and do an after-wipe.