How Did Living in Taiwan Change You?


You can also lube your fingers and… nevermind


Edited to add:

(a) Nothing I’ve written in this post has anything to do with the ongoing dialogue about squat toilets and bidets, to the best of my knowledge, and

(b) Peace. :slight_smile:

It’s both narrowed and broadened my horizons, both lowered and raised my expectations, both lured me into thinking outside the box and taught me that I might have missed a few important things inside the box, boosted part of my ego while simultaneously reducing another part, changed me and changed me back again, somehow changed me by leaving me the same, made me think too much and not enough, and generally repeatedly turned me off and on (bearing in mind that (1) these things might have happened anyway no matter where I was located, and (2) I could be lying).


I was told that bidets were used to wash the other hole. Was I misled?


Both holes. And your feet.


OK, now I need to take a long hot shower.



Looks more like a sex robot to me, but I’m game.


Are we still talking about shitting? The Japanese robo-toilets with the different spray functions beat the shit (heh) out of the old school Italian bidets. If I have no robo-toilet, and I have a really messy dump that isn’t getting cleanly wiped away then I need to have a shower after.

Sorry for all the graphic detail, I guess.


Apology not accepted.


I wouldn’t want it any other way!


Cow pie frisbee coming your way…catch!


The bidet was invented to clean women`s genitals in late medieval times. It only later evolved into being a cleaner of the anus. :grin:


For those of us whose rented bathroom facilities prevent modernization, simple wet towelettes can do the job of keeping our privates fresh and clean. And they are portable.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but wet wipes (the kind used to clean up babies after changing diapers) are much better than dry toilet paper and does the same function as those Japanese toilets that spray water at your butt. Always carry some handy-pack of wet wipes for the family on outings, whether adults or kids need them, especially if a public bathroom is the only place to do #3. (It’s #3, because you are doing #1 and #2 at the same time, ha).


But don’t flush them, they are the horror of every plumber I’ve talked to in my life.


ha ha.

  1. That goes without saying
  2. If one has ever had to change diapers, then that further goes without saying.


What is Japan like? Did you teach English there?


Stick to the topic bruv…Taiwan and/or bidet toilets.


Strange how this thread turned into a toilet discussion. And my original title was changed by someone to add bidet as part of the topic.


Agree, that’s done.