How do the games and claw machines at the night markets work?


Why do you think binlang chewing adults are spending halve of their wages on these machines? To get cute fur toys?


You can even rent a machine at a shop and put your own items inside.


Most of these guys rent the space, buy the machines and rent them out to others.
Even the little ball toy machines are bought and rented out to people that fill them with … ‘ball toys’
I know a hair salon that cut its salon in halve and rents the other part to a claw machine guy.


This shit is a joke, seems like people are already over it. I give it six more months as a fad.


That’s what they said about those stupid Portuguese custard tarts.


Yeah but

custard is timeless


I hate these shops. So many…seems like newest way to hide money trail from other “businesses”.


I’m edging towards more of a pyramid scheme than money laundering now


Exactly , they have been around for decAdes.

Mostly you put in money and your money goes away.

Appeals to human greed.


The trick is to know it will drop, but to control the drop and “bounce”. For example never grab it directly in the middle. Lots of people make this mistake thinking it will grab the whole thing. Find a machine that’s ripe for a nice bounce, most easily have one already slanted towards the hole. Grab the toy more on the side you want to drop later so the side that drop first has a little roll and momentum and bounces into the direction of the hole at the drop.

Shop around for a good machine with the perfect condition. Let the other suckers play and make it so you get a nice machine to play.

I’m not surprised it makes money. It’s just like slot machines. People spend thousands on even pennies and quarters slot machines. I think they have slot machines in some places in Taiwan. One person I know from the Philippines hides her money from her husband who will literally drop 30k in one sitting with slot machines here she says.


Remember the first gift you won for me @Andrew0409 ? I always thought it was a cute little creature till I realized it was a penis shaped stuffed toy with eyes


Can’t it be both?


Lol spoken by one who has invested enough to buy his own machine no doubt


No, I walk by and see at malls and places all the time. Usually I get a 1-2 toys with about 50-60nt of spare 10ny change in my pocket that I find annoying to carry. I don’t go to spend money. Just went I walk by and I go like 40nt in coins that’s heavy to carry around.


This is exactly the market I would be looking for.


I feel weird hugging a dick shaped toy lol


Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.


Why, how long did it take you, DM?


I’m not sure…the batteries died first.


Well played