How do you calculate the 183 days for APRC?

Thank you Tando! I’ve been trying to tell him this! Thought I was going crazy.

Yes of course this is really correct! And every year you need to have stayed at least 183 days. Yes!

UGHH!!! How are you suddenly agreeing? I’ve been saying this exact thing for the past hour!

Well that’s the same! Since the condition has to LAST for the previous 5 years of course they check backward…

Yes, but they count it backwards from the date you apply, so for 183 day ruling, the date you were originally given your ARC is not relevant as long as you have met the 3/5 year residency requirement.

Here’s an explanation of how NHI calculates 6 months for initial enrollment. Disclaimer: Calculation process maybe or maybe not similar or related.

Well that’s true. I was thinking you fulfill the condition within the next five years from your ARC issuance so basically in the shortest possible time. In that case backward or forward is the same

You stay for 5 five years on your ARC. Anytime after 5 years you can try to apply for the APRC. If you try to apply for APRC in March, they will count from March to March, if you try to apply in July, they will count from July to July. The date you were originally given your ARC is irrelevant when working out the 183 days per year. Would you agree with this @tando? Want to forget this topic!!!

Quick question. Also for APRC issuance togheder with the condition of the 183 days also every travel out has to last less than 30 days???

interesting Topic thank you!

Yes, unless you want apply for APRC with the shortest time, which is 5 year since the issuance date, the issuance date is irrelevant.


So what happens if you leave for more than 183 days on ARC without asking for extended leave? :thinking:

Nothing. That year doesn’t concur to APRC reaching. The counting of 5 years gets reset.

So, people don’t lose the ARC if they stay out of Taiwan for more than 183days a year. That’s news to me.
I guess I should have travelled more when I had ARC instead of worry if I could keep the ARC or not at the time.

Well yes. But you could have had APRC in that way by respecting that condition ‘unaware’. If you had APRC for a different reason than yes you could have travelled more without the fear to lose ARC

Is this a new law?
I am thinking an ARC holder who leaves for 1 year continues to keep the ARC is pretty impressive

You might be confusing some rules for ARC and APRC. Part of APRC holders should stay 183 d in a year, otherwise they will lose their APRC. The days are counted from Jan. 1.

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Poor emjroc…this made my night. The joys of Taiwan

I just took like a 4 hour nap, still fuming that it took so long for him to get the god damn point!

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