An Independent NHI Enrollment Experience

My first time visit to NHI office for enrollment. Had APRC for a couple few years and attempting to enroll first time enrolling *without employer or family connection (those requirements are different). I went in assuming a penalty because the requirement is to register with in 6 months of APRC but that isn’t exactly correct. Saw advisor within 2 minutes who was very helpful and articulate at explaining details and calculations.

For initial enrollment, must remain in Taiwan for 6 months continuously with no more than one exit not to last over 30 days. NHI has access to travel records entering and departing Taiwan so was easy for them to check.

Example calculation: 107.02.22 (most recent entry into Taiwan) + 6 months = 107.08.22 (eligible to enroll) and not more than one trip outside of Taiwan up to 30 days during that period then add those days to 107.08.22 (eligible to enroll), so one 7 day trip would bring date to 107.08.29 (eligible to enroll).

Have not remained in Taiwan for 6 months continuously since APRC so probably won’t be visiting them again until that requirement met.

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Did you ask them what your monthly payment would be?

No. They have a internet web page where you can calculate it yourself and wasn’t ready to get into a possible complicated calculation situation yet.

I’m not sure they calculate other assets or income from outside of Taiwan or what exactly.

I believe it’s $749/mo for independent enrollment.

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This is an estimate by NHI of eligiblity based on calculations described above.

107.07.20 entered Taiwan
107.09.18 - 107.10.16 (28 days outside Taiwan )
109.02.17 NHI eligible

Approved and yes, $749/mo. Bill mailed to home and can pay at convenience store.

They asked me nothing about income or assets or employment or anything. Just quoted me the cost and said bill will be in the mail.

I heard that you can get a higher payment option , with more services , but not sure if that is true ?

You can avoid it all together if you are on jfrv and leave the country often enough, which is not hard at all.

Not sure if that is an possibility for you though.

I think it is wonderful , sadly used it a lot , so I am happy to pay . I am in Taiwan most of the time now. I just was happy to pay a bit more . Maybe there are private insurances that cover extras like rooms etc? I thyink i must have paid over 400,000 ntd over the last few years for “extras” , like being given a choice of better products …longer lasting …just wonder if you can cover for those things.