How do You Look, as you're riding yer Cycle?

I see foreigners on bikes all the time. I usually wonder, is that a Forumosan? The other day I saw this HUGE bloke ona big purple motorcycle… he had ona nice jacket, and he was a black dude, and his style excelled even more as he changed gears…

What do You look like, as you drive around on your scooter, or motorcycle?.

Myself, I kinda look like a Big Tall Goof. Biggles In The Desert. Goggles, mask, and flowing scarf.

And of course I’m courteous at all time to my fellow users of the road, except unless of kors they drive a small blue truck…

Judging by the stares and whispered comments around me at red lights, I guess I look pretty damn hot. That or they could be jealous I’ve snatched up a precious piece of shade.

i tend not to look at myself in the mirror as i ride… so i have no idea…

normally… during the week, normal clothes for work… black bag (for now)… either my cheap black helmet or my good helmet (depending on the weather)… on a white hornet 250… except on thursdays because i need to ride the scoot on thursdays :frowning:

weekend fun ride… good helmet (it’s a greyish SBK)… black/grey BOLDOR/Honda textile jacket… red/black SIDI boots and SBK gloves… combined with jeans because my proper riding pants have a hole in them at the seam on one leg… needs fixing

I look like a bloke who’d rather be riding something else and who’s extremely pissed off because one of his bloody forks has started leaking. :fume:

I look like some big dork squishing a penguin between his thighs.

When I’m in full “race gear” I look fucking cool. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror and scare myself…since my helmet visor is reflective…I can’t see my face.

But more often than not in the summer I’m wearing shorts…or pajama shorts on my scooter…and then I just look like a pathetically skinny balding guy.

Back to the big bike…it must look cool because you wouldn’t believe some of the reactions you get on a big bike. I’ve been stopped at red lights and whole tables of people leave their seats in the restaurant beside me and come to the window to look.

Or younger gas station attendants will run out of their booths to watch as the big bike rides by…and wave or give a thumbs up. :sunglasses:

If only I were gay I’d be getting so much young male Taiwanese ass…I should become gay just so I can relive some of my sexual stardom that I was only able to experience for a short while when I was a young hetrosexual.

I’m getting off topic aren’t I? Here is a pic of me riding a scooter:

And here’s a pic of me with a personalized license plate:

And here’s a pic of plasmatron and his sweet ride:

Oh just found a pic of me wearing some of my gear:

Cool Mordeth.

This thread needs pics…bad.

I found an old (and only) photo of yours truly from back in 1990 enjoying the Hwa-Dong Road on my then spanking new RZR:

That section of road is now 4-lane highway, but back in 1990 it was a two lane, 4 hour jaunt from Hualien-Taidong. Fantastic road to ride on, and as you can see not a car in sight.

I still look like a dork though, and it’s only gotten worse with age :s

crud… 1990… i’ve only been here since 2000… i don’t have any pics of me that old… :s

and no pics of me in action (riding)…

Like this from the waist up…

Most common ride for me at the moment, however, is a small Dio 50. Actually I like it. Extremely light, fairly nippy in its own way.

Thats a sweeeeeeeeet…

…forumosa shirt. :howyoudoin:

I look like a 220 pound monkey fucking a football on my 2 stroke RG. :blush:

I look even worse on my FZ 150, my rides are all custom though.

I’m selling them both, PM me if you are serious and want pics.

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]I look like a 220 pound monkey fucking a football on my 2 stroke RG. :blush:
Don’t mess with the fantasy.


Something like this…

Yep…kinda like that.


I just found out how I look(ed) on the scooter:

If you see that license plate somewhere in Taizhong, don’t bother to say ‘hi’… I just sold my scooter yesterday. :wink: … c1.jpg?v=0

I’m very visible. (still don’t know how to do images)[/code]

[quote=“Jack Burton”]

I’m very visible. (still don’t know how to do images)[/code][/quote]

Try moving the image to once the image is uploaded to there they give you the codes to just copy and paste. And neat codes that create a clickable thumbnail, like this:

Hey Andre, how fast you doing in that pic? I can’t make it out. That’s weird…I’ve never…never gotten a speeding ticket on my scooter. And I completely ignore the cameras on my scooter…on my big bike I get tickets…but I always thought the cameras don’t pick up scooters…or it seems not mine at least…odd.