How does Gay dating in Taiwan work?


I have a question about how gay people in Taiwan look for partners. Here in Germany, the whole thing runs almost only on forums, maybe still about clubs. But as I was told Taiwanese in general do not use forums so much. So how does it work in Taiwan? Are there certain websites, or clubs, or other meeting places?

The LGBT scene is active in Taiwan. Taipei at least, I don’t know about other cities. They have large events, sometimes even at major clubs. They have some gay bars. And there’s areas where gay people hang out.

Taiwan is a place where you can be openly gay. No one cares. It’s strange as it’s a very conservative country but people mind their own business and don’t try to force their views on you. I would say most parents wouldn’t want their kids to be gay, but they don’t care if other people are gay.

Tinder let’s you set your setting to find same sex matches. I don’t know if Grindr is a thing but I think it might be.


THANK YOU, probably tat could be the point.

It’s not usually based off prejudice against the act homosexuality, but it’s important to families to have offsprings. So that’s a major reason why.

Putting together: Families do not like it when their children are gay, because then the family is not continued?

Go to the Red Square in Ximen. It’s very warm, friendly and welcoming to gay and straight people alike. There are many nice pubs there and a large seating area outside.
Seriously, if you can’t find a friend or partner there, you must look or behave like a troll.
Dalida is my favorite bar. Alvin, the owner, is a gem.

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You mean this?

Yes. There’s a lot of bars behind that building. Popular with gay people but welcome to all. There’s also a sex toy shop there.

Both Tinder and Grindr are a thing, and so are Hornet and Jack’d. I’d say that most of gay dating in Taipei happens in the apps.

Also, night clubs. To mention some:

  • G*Star is the largest and most popular: k-pop heavy and attracts younger crowd
  • Abrazo is smaller and very crowded on Saturdays (if it bothers you then Friday is a better day to go). Attracts mostly professionals. Western & Taiwanese pop music.
  • Fairy is similar to Abrazo crowd wise but but more for hanging out and chatting. Also gets quite crowded.

Generally bars/clubs are good places to make friends too. I made my first Taiwanese friends in Abrazo. Local gay scene is friendly and welcoming. I found that having chatted with someone at a bar got me invited to hang out with their group of friends later (never happened in London where I lived for 10+ years).

As mentioned before, Red House in Ximen is also a great place. Above mentioned Dalida is my favourite, too. Ximen area is full of gay and gay friendly places and bars. If you are into more kinky stuff then maybe check out Commander D (they have underwear parties, etc.).


I don’t like using Grindr because there aren’t a lot of real people there (at least within my radius, Grindr makes you pay to go outside of that). Lots of people asking you to add their LINE then make you pay to talk to them.

I know Ximen has lots of gay clubs and also sauna if you are into that sort of thing.

As for friends… I don’t have much, gay or straight.

There’s this group:

While it’s not specifically for dating, it’s a place to meet people that might lead to that, or making more connections at least.