How does one find a university teaching position in Taiwan?

Facebook would probably win in terms of expats, but they’re all divided into different local groups so I’m not sure. Reddit? Definitely not Forumosa.

A lot of those positions in universities are just about knowing the right person. By the time they’ve advertised it it’s usually gone.


Social media would be the way to go, for sure.

I had a colleague in Saudi who had put in his early years in Taiwan. I asked him about getting a uni job here and he said exactly the same thing. Coming here wasn’t on my radar until COVID, but I feel kinda like I’ve come home so it’s OK :slight_smile:


Without my wife, there’s no way I would’ve found the advertisement for the uni position I’ve had for almost 5 years now.


I was thinking this morning I need a GF to help me order from Food Panda. I mean, I could learn to read Chinese but that’s a lot of work…


Just download the Google Translate app.

I can’t highlight the text and copy out of the Food Panda app. I guess if I put Food Panda on my computer I could use my phone camera to scan the characters that way, but it still seems easier to just get a human being to help with this once I’m out of quarantine… Monday!

edit: I should add I’m not seriously planning on picking up a GF to help me order food, once I’m outta here I can use my spoken Chinese for eating more easily!

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Just choose randomly. You don’t know what it is until it is delivered. It could add some fun to your boring quarantine.


Hey, @tando, you don’t live in Kaohsiung do you…

I’m in Dragon Sky City.


Ming Chuan University is hiring part-time instructors and professors. You will need at least a Master’s degree. The job will begin in September 2021.

Here’s another job opening in Taichung:

Overseas Chinese University in Taichung is hiring. You will need at least a Master’s degree, and over 6 years of teaching experience.

Contact: Dr. Chita Wu (

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Just to weigh in briefly…it’s a fair question, and I haven’t read all the replies above, but I’ve seen some good advice/info on this thread.
Getting a university teaching job is the holy grail of English teaching in Taiwan. It’s virtually impossible to get such a job these days for a lot of reasons, the main one being it’s so competitive. The MOE will not recognise an MA earned long distance, and you must pass MOE vetting. Actually finding a position is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and the red tape is almost unbelievable. You make your luck of course, and you might just get lucky. Once you’ve got your first job it’s presumably easier to get another one…But how satisfying are those jobs really? I guess I’ll never know. Most recently, I approached a couple of universities in my neighbourhood. Trying to pin down the director responsible for hiring was impossible, and they never got back to me. That’s pretty typical. Once I went to an interview at a university on the recommendation of an insider. All they wanted to know was how well I knew the insider, and having established this blew me off. I get the impression all appointments are highly politicised. You’re joining a faction, and you must make the right impression (whatever that is) Anyway, good luck with it, and to anyone trying to get a uni job here.
(This was a general post–I didn’t mean to reply to a specific person.)

Lots of articles are available on Google Scholar, researchgate, and For very specific things that I couldn’t otherwise get (a previous job had library access to journals but not in my field(s)), I’ve had good luck just emailing the lead author and asking. If anyone is actually writing a paper and wants some help or advice feel free to PM me.

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