How Important is Money to Taiwanese Girls?

So to start off I’m decently wealthy & made my money on my own. Not trying to brag, I only mention this because this relates to a dating situation that just happened to me.

I’ve been talking to this Taiwanese girl for several days, got her LINE and eventually asked her out on a first date which was a Sushi Restaurant. I really hate gold diggers so I usually purposefully pick a less expensive restaurant for the first date, to filter out these types of women.

This girl was super interested, based on the frequency of messages and the emotes and flirting that was going on in our conversation. I ask her when she is free, and she tells me Thursday Night at 8PM. I asked if she liked sushi, she apparently loved it. So then I sent her a mid-tier priced sushi restaurant (average 1k NT/person), and she messages me back “Let me check my schedule”. No follow up since. This is what women usually say when they are no longer interested.

We went from enthusiastic, flirtatious, to her giving me a specific time she was available, to now “Let me check my schedule”, the only thing happening in between is I sent her a mid-tier priced sushi restaurant instead of a very expensive one. The only conclusion I could draw from this is this woman is a gold digger and one too many. I am very sick of wasting my time talking to these girls only to be brick-walled by this test I set up each time.

I am just wondering if this is just to be expected from Taiwanese women in general?


How long has it been? Did you follow up? Do you usually?

Are they sure you will foot the bill? Some Taiwanese girls want to pay for themselves on the first date, maybe 1000NT is too much…

I haven’t had a problem with gold diggers, only one date that I recall it was an issue. That said, my Tinder profile doesn’t show a wealthy lifestyle, so I’m not matching with those types.

It doesn’t seem to me that money is any more important here than anywhere else.

Good thing your test is working?


Nothing gets by the moderately wealthy. :banana:


What handbag brand does she have? You can tell a lot based on that


Most likely her hunt ended by meeting someone she liked. But honestly it could be anything, maybe she’s bipolar and she’s having an episode, maybe something happened to a relative or maybe it’s something you said but didn’t even notice, the list goes on.


NGL, This post made me cringe a bit.

You think 1000NT / person is a mid-tier restaurant? This isn’t NYC mate…

It’s definitely the top 1% by price in Taipei.

You probably made her uncomfortable by suggesting an expensive restaurant on a FIRST date. Keep it simple and go for some place that’s within 400 NT / person (already considered expensive for Taipei)


You can’t really generalize. Taiwanese women come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, occupations, personalities and materialistic expectations, from zero to champagne and caviar. Just keep looking till you find one you click with and don’t waste time obsessing over the details.


Try going to a bar. If u don’t like clubs, thats cool, there are so many kinds of bars to try. Ask her, what would she like: jazz bar, country western, rooftop lounge, TGIFridays, etc.

Short(er) first dates are a great way to put less pressure on both parties. Dinner is a time commitment that I was usually reluctant to take on on the first date.

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should’ve done NT$100 熱炒


Money is of course important to Taiwanese girls but they are all different. All girls are looking for someone to date or marry with money but at different levels.

FIRST of all, filter out the gold-diggers AFTER you meet them, not before you meet them :wall: I used to filter before, and missed so many opportunities… one of my few regrets in life.

I wouldn’t consider the choice of restaurant a reason for no response. Unless you picked a place or area with a bad reputation, or some big chain or something that is not really appropriate for a date.

A good sushi restaurant in Taipei can go from $1500-$3000 or more per person not including drinks. So $1000-ish should not be a problem.

There could be a million reasons for no response. So it’s probably something else.


Thank God Jim Bob is here to give advice.

(breaking my shit laughing here…)


TBH this might not be a bad idea. As a crude over generalisation, any girl who likes the 熱炒 ambience is probably going to be fairly low-maintenance in the long run.


If I have a date, it will be to Bafan, not 1000nt per person restaurant.

McDonalds is a perfectly valid place to take dates to. A lot of Taiwanese do that.

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I think men often try to find a reason for things when dating when the reality is women are not using reason to date. Maybe she felt sad today because her mom didn’t call her. Idk. It’s about feelings for women.


I love the smell of straw-hat nouveau riche corn eating debutantes in the morning…Smells like…



Sushi Express would have been a nice place to eat then.


For sushi? :no_good_man:

Mmm, gray tuna nigiri… :drooling_face:

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If you have money, the girls will come to you and beg you to take them.

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For restaurants… Is it mandatory to get sushi on a first date?

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