How many songs does it take for a shower?

I used to queue up at least five songs for about 15 minutes in the shower.

I’m usually good with one song now for about 3 minutes.

I think it has something to do with the Taiwan-style shower room that I’ve been using recently. It’s a nice space but I miss the wall around the shower.

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Just one song:
And don’t forget the solos!

I used to love having the iHome in the bathroom back when I was living in the states with my roommates. It was a good gauge on how long you were in the shower. We made it a house rule that you couldn’t be in the shower for more than 3 songs otherwise our water bill would’ve been through the roof.

Not so much fun in Taiwan now because there’s no counter space for a speaker and the bathroom is way too freakin humid to put a speaker in there. I don’t want to bring it in then have to bring it back out before and after each shower.

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For me it is more of a case of how many songs before I am scalded by our erratic hot water supply. Generally that is one or less.

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What do you do for 15 minutes in the shower? I always thought you were a bloke. :astonished:

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Used to waste a lot of hot water according to others.

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