How much Chinese can you read?

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Let’s help @the_bear to answer his inquisitive question

What level of Chinese can you read?

  • None. I can only eat in restaurants that show pictures in the menu. :framed_picture:
  • Basic. I know how to read meat, rice and noodles. :cut_of_meat::rice::ramen:
  • Intermediary. Bring on the 蔥煎餅, 滷肉飯, 豬血米糕 and some 珍珠奶茶!:yum:
  • Advanced. 為什麼所有答案都與食物相關? 現在是午餐時間嗎?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Options are in 简体, 繁體, 大陆简体, 香港繁體, 澳門繁體, 大马简体, 新加坡简体, or 臺灣正體?

I cannot read much in 简体s.


Whatever you feel more comfortable with :wink:


Either I’m the stupidest person here or the most honest. The character system overwhelmed me, so I stuck to pinyin when learning how to talk. So I don’t need to point at menu pictures, but I can’t understand the full options at a restaurant either. I’ll try again to learn how to read and write one day. I can write my name at least.

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Should an advanced reader be able to read 甲骨文, 金文, 石鼓文, 大篆, 小篆, 隸書, 草書 etc?

Now you’re just flexin’

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Just point Google Translate App in picture mode on the menu.

Some dish names will be weird, but they are actually named ‘randomly’.
Even if you know Chinese, you would not know what the dish is about unless they use descriptive names instead of local jargon.

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I wonder how Google Translate App would go with local loan words like 甜不辣.

I can most of it. Have no idea what it’s talking about.

I consider myself an advanced reader.

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“Intermediary” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe we need to do a survey for English too. :wink:


It is not how much you can write.

Clearly, I’ll choose “basic” on that!

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Are you sure you’re not going with Intermediary?

I know daily use Chinese well. Only specialized vocabulary I know is baseball terminology.

Only if my auto-correct fires up again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw, I’d try to fix it, but it’d mess up all the answers we already have. :idunno:

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can read and have no idea what its about aren’t contradictory?

Why can’t you be both? :sunglasses:


No, because what the hell is 草書 supposed to mean? Grass books?

What the hell are grass books?

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