How much do your purchases take into account made in China?

The best, sometimes only, way we can make a change is putting our money where our mouth is. This poll should be anonymous, but where do we put our cash in regards of support.

This is obviously abiut made in China. Other countries have serious issues as well, but none nearly as threatening as made in china.

How do you make your decisions on purchases?

  • I don’t care if made in China, just care about price.
  • I don’t care if made in China, just care about quality.
  • I am loyal to specific brands, regardless of where/how it is made.
  • I don’t want to buy made in China, but if I have to shop around to find something that isn’t made there I give up and still justify the transaction.
  • I never buy made in China, but can’t control the components inside a device. I only follow the label stating made in _____(not China).
  • I research what I am buying and won’t buy it if parts are made in China. I am comfortable buyung second hand things, as an example, instead of directly supporting the CCP through my purchases.

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I don’t get the 4th from the top. (?)

I think he is saying “you won’t buy made in China if the option not to is not inconvenient”

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I’m not sure if I’m not confused half as much as I wasn’t before… :woozy_face: but thanks.

Wow looking back at that I see what you mean. Sorry! :joy:

Maybe: "You will only avoid a Made in China product if there is a convenient alternative to buy instead.

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Sometimes there is a product I need that is only made in China and have no choice.

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It depends on the product, too. Like food. Never. Toy for not so young anymore kid, I don’t really check for the impulse buys, but would check for a bigger present.

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Personally I don’t care about the politics. If it is something I need I buy it no matter where it comes from.

A few considerations, one of which is that a lot of non branded Chinese electronics are unsafe trash so I try to avoid those. But branded made in China products that have a large corporation behind them I will buy since they should in theory have better Q.C. If there are two comparable products where one is made in a place other than China, I will buy that instead for quality reasons (example: my LG phone was made in Korea so I trust the quality more than a Huawei)

Ya there are the odd rare things. But most I try and settle for second hand, trade ins etc.

The bulk of my purchasing is computer stuff. I don’t have a choice half the time.

Ya complicated tech is probably the hardest. Computers, cars, machinery etc. At least something in the unit will be from there. If it’s an actual whole unit, like a computer, I can buy used, at least it’s not feeding the machine. But replacement parts can be real tricky.

As an aside, are there any laptop computers not made in China? Used to find at least a couple, now every one I see in shops is from there. Will likely end up with a used one of those too at this rate. Would love a suggestion if you know of one.

I avoid it if I can. But there are some brands that I will never buy like Huawei.

Obviously we still need to trade with China, I just feel we need to be less reliant but not completely avoid unless it’s firms like Huawei. I don’t have any particular issues with made in China in general besides shit that could kill me like food and medicine.

Gigabye Technology

Made in Taiwan.

Stated on bottom left corner of palmrest.

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Wow, amazing. I am over the moon!

Thank you soon much! Not just not made in China, Made in Taiwan…sweet

They’re beautiful powerhouse laptops. They game. They’re not particularly thicc. Amazing 120-240hz displays. I like Gigabyte and trust Gigabyte quality.

They look great in a coffee shop.

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I don’t game or do much anything fancy. I’m technically retarded haha :wink:

I do care a lot about the China issue though, this has given me a lot of hope for the computers. Will be buying one this week once I go to city.

Some are sold at the Gigabyte Service Centre.

11 Songjiang Road, Taipei.

I rarely am up in Taipei. Will need to find somewhere down south, probably isn’t that hard.

Is this brand not normally sold in typical franchise/chain slectronjc stores?

CoolPC sells it too. There’s Kaohsiung’s Computer Street, they might have an official Gigabyte store too.

I just recommend the Gigabyte Service Centre so that I look like I send customers there and then I get better treatment afterwards. It’s a face thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya know. Paesani.

Cheers! Appreciate it. Will be sure to tell the CEO Marco from Taipei sent me.