How much is your rent?

How much is your rent?

  • Under 5,00NT
  • 5,000-10,000NT
  • 10,001-15,000NT
  • 15,001-20,000NT
  • 20,001-25,000NT
  • Over 25,000

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I’ve never seen this and thought it would be useful for the segue community (and myself). No one needs to get into the specifics of their place but, if you’d like, feel free to share your location and pings with the price. Other details like if your sharing an apartment, furnishings and stuff would be good too. If revealing details if too personal for you (like me) please vote.

Hope the poll options aren’t too broad, if enough people vote it should be good.

Isn’t this topic a little similar to this one?
average rent

[quote=“chainsmoker”]Isn’t this topic a little similar to this one?
average rent[/quote]
Yes, except it lacks the coolness factor of being posted by me :sunglasses: . And it doesn’t have a poll. Without the poll if it gets long it would be hard to make a quick assessment of rental prices without flipping through a bunch of pages. I can only assume it will get merged by the mod’s or left alone.

I’d like to note that the other thread already had more coolness factor then you could shake a stick at :wink: . I’d also like to point out that it was outdated and in the Open forum.[/edit]

Fair enough. And why don’t you add a rooftop option to the poll? I’d say a lot of lao ies would live up top.

I think another poll would be needed for that (I love polls, numbers really). Feel free to comment on where your apartment is in a post. I’ll take note of that for a future poll (unless someone beats me to it).

I removed Free as a choice. If your not paying, how can it be called rent? I think I’m going to go ahead and make it over 25,000 while I’m at it.

25K may be just on the edge of your radar, but there are lots of people living in fancy houses here paid by their companies / governments. I doubt 25K would rent the tool shed of some of those nice pads on Yangmingshan.

rooftop shack

Roofie too.

I pay NT$6,500 for a 3-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. Mostly unfurnished. Building management fee is NT$800 a month. Just put down one month deposit, and I pay three-months’ rent at a time. I have underground parking for my scooter at NT$100 per month.
I’m on the eleventh floor so I have a good view of the Chiayi area on those rare days when there isn’t much pollution.

Not sure why my landlady lets me have it at such a low price; either I have a very cute arse or it’s because the previous tenants died horrible deaths.

I graduated from my rooftop and now I live here. Rent is 20k a month, but I have a roommate, so I only pay 12k. :smiley:

My rooftop pad was great for 7 years, but finally it was time to say goodbye. (The roof that started leaking badly in the last month made the parting easier, too…) :sunglasses:

Poll’s a good idea. It needs to read as follows though, for the banding to work

Under 5,000NT
Over 25,000

Room in house in Yi Tsuei Shan Chuang (spelling?): $9,000

Rooftop around the corner from the old Nitti’s: $12,000

Townhouse in Shi Jr: $17,000

Older-but-nice 3-Br, 45-ping flat in Ta An district: $28,000

Buying a (town)house in Southern California: exorbitant

I Pay $22,000 for a 3 bedroom apartment in a newish community a little bit out from the city center. I find living in a community nicer because of the facilities like the pool etc.
Used to live in a rooftop shack made of that iron sheeting just next to ShiDa - one bedroom, one living room $15,000. That place was great for BBQs.

[quote=“hexuan”]Poll’s a good idea. It needs to read as follows though, for the banding to work

Under 5,000NT
Over 25,000[/quote]

Good point, Hope I don’t throw off the results.

22,500 + about 3000 common area fee. 3 bedrooms/2 bath in Chingmei (Jingmei)/Mucha, 1 parking space, pool, small basketball court, 24-hour security, nicely maintained.

55 ping house w small garden in gated community in the mountains near Yangmei. Including management fee NT$15,500/mo. The community has a few parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, skating rinks, swimming pools etc.

We pay around $16.500 a month with guard fee for about 26 ping.

Before I moved to Taipei I was paying around $6,000 a month in Taoyuan for a one room apartment.

At first I was upset with the poll results :imp:. After further thought, I’m quite happy :smiley: . These results (along with the posts) show that there is adiquate housing availible somewhere for everyone. Hurray!

Sure. Even you might have to endure a long commute in order to be able to do some gardening.