How much mature digital content do you have?

How much porn do you have?

  • less than 1GB
  • between 1 and 500GB
  • between 500 and 1TB
  • over 1TB (please specify)

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I have 400GB

I don’t have any porn. Zhende.

Same here. I have exactly 0 bytes of porn on the sum of my devices (including cloud storage). The closest thing i have are a few pics of scantily dressed girls some friends send to me once in a while via Whatsapp. Why would you want to keep porn on your personal memory space, anyways?

What cloud storage service u use?

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what kind of wanker (pun most definitely intended) brags about how much pron he has? :noway:

A new poster who seems to be fond of the ‘stupid question as opener’ conversational gambit? :laughing:

Yeah, I guess there may be a wee bit somewhere. Which subsection are you interested in? With minerals, with home appliances or illegal in Switzerland?

Now be honest, Bob.

there’s not much panda porn out there anyway.

There’s a little bit, but you get tired of watching the same pandas over and over again.

the Pandas themselves needs to watch Panda porn to get it on… so… porn saves pandas…

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Don’t pander to this thread :whistle:

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who buys or downloads nowadays? shit’s free all over the net to STREAM

[quote=“urodacus”]Now be honest, Bob.

there’s not much panda porn out there anyway.[/quote]

I am sure there is some Panda fetish somewhere. There is a theory that there is a fetish on the Internet about literally everything. I once tried it with “Zombie BDSM” and even found it. Now when it comes to Panda fetish I think the scene is still developing. I found some pics of a pretty girl tied up with a black and white cap with cute black ears on her head, and I guess the peaceful image of the Panda has encouraged the submissive tendencies of certain camera-friendly womenfolk in this case. Yet there was no true connection of the Panda theme with the rest. I guess to become a worldwide accepted fetish, the scene must manage to reach illegal status in Saudi Arabia first, later in Switzerland and then have some politicians admitting they had once done it in the 70s but would be over it nowadays.

EDIT: The Dominatrices should call themselves “Pandemonium” I guess.
EDIT2: No, “Pandemonia”, Pandemonium is the guy counterpart.

EDIT3: … this is haunting me … :unamused:

By Jingo!

It’s easy to make porn by yourself.

Indeed. And it’s much healthier than the commercial stuff from the shops.

It’s more fun if you do it with other people.

Thank you for answering the question of Foreigners Affairs Taiwan.
Please prepare for random search of house in Taipei of foreigner for iilegal pronography.
Names will be drawn according English teacher database.

Kind Regers,
Adam Wong,
FAP Taipei

*** to server Adogah means to server nation ***

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So that’s why they’re called the FAP.

Some of us aint had any for so long we need porn to remind us what it even is :slight_smile: