How much mature digital content do you have?

I was in a writing class years ago with several old ladies who wanted to write romance fiction. One did the whole, “He grabbed and pushed her down onto the grass and took her there.”

My comment was something like…yeah, romance has changed.

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I got in trouble back in high school for writing and distributing erotica. I had a small, exclusive group of loyal subscribers to the series. Not sure who got hold of it and ratted me out but I had to spend a couple days in ISS for it. Pointless as I just used the time to write even more and filthier smut.


Got any digital back copies?

Asking for a fiend…



Who remembers the good old days pre-internet when you had to rely on your memory “spank bank”… so envious of those with photographic memories.

You could be the next Stephenie Meyer or E. L. James

Probably could. But I’d have to do it under a pen name…

Welcome back Mr.Honest
Helluva thread to gravedig :wink:

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Maybe start a NSFW thread of your writing…

Or the next French president:

You guys know erotic isn’t the same as pornographic, right?

I have unlimited supply of porn stored at Have a look all you want.

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Which one had the lightning?