How secure is Shopee?

My son’s been eyeing gaming computers. I’m kind of conflicted on what to get him. My experience is that desktops last a lot longer and it would be a shared family computer.

The best price I’ve seen with specs he wants is on shoppee. In the past I’ve always done pay-on-delivery at 7-11. Since this would be 30,000+ I’m wondering if that is still possible? I’m also wondering if I can use credit card (I have an international visa and would like to use either on shoppee or to pay at 7)? The store looks legit and has been on there several years with over a 1000 items (it’s in Kaohsiung and I’m in Taipei).

Am I overthinking this? Is there any reason not to order from them? Anybody been burned on shoppee? Thanks!

Honestly? I’d just build with parts. Shopee as a platform is secure and it escrows cash until you close the transaction upon satisfaction that you got what you expected to receive. Or if you wait 7 days with no complaints.

However, you’re gonna get a better deal building the computer yourself because the warranties are better and they’re on each part.

What are you looking for? Or, what specs? I’d be happy to attempt to see what kinda deals I can produce.

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I haven’t found this to be exactly true. I use Shopee a lot and haven’t had any issues so far that weren’t easily resolved with the seller. But the escrow period in my experience varies quite a lot, from one day after collection to several days.

For example, the money for these two orders will be released to the seller on 6/9 if I don’t do anything (both of them collected on 5/9, pretty much as soon as they arrived - within a day I think).

Sometimes it’s longer, but it’s something I’ve been curious about as I haven’t seen a clear pattern. I think it’s something to keep an eye on for high-value items, though.

Hi Andrew, this is kind of an aside but I didn’t realize you could switch the platform language to English. How’d you do that? I’d assumed when I paid at 7 they got the money right away :o Does it automatically go into escrow?

Marco, I saw an acer orion 5000 selling with i7, ssd +hhd, 32 gig ram, and 8g video card. It was close to 40,000, but it seemed like with build it yourself I’d have building it myself would be comparable in cost and I’d have to deal with buying windows, etc. Shoppee also seems to have “pretty okay” systems I could get for around 20,000 (no name but good components). Those ones say that they have “real” windows but it doesn’t have a serial number (!?).

I probably should find/make a thread asking about where/how to get a good gaming pc. We went to the big electronics plaza in Taipei, but I found it fairly overwhelming and saw a loud fight between a vendor and a buyer whose computer wasn’t working.

If you have the app, it should be under the account settings as follows (posting screenshots in case you need to go from the positions of the Chinese menu items):

I’m not sure whether it’s possible on the website itself.

It automatically goes into escrow for a certain, seemingly variable, amount of time, I think. The money is released when that time is up or you click the “order received” button, whichever comes first (I often forget to do the latter). You can also choose to extend the “Shopee Guarantee” period if you need more time or the item hasn’t arrived, but I’ve seldom done that.

I understand your reluctance to buy something like a computer from Shopee and I’ve had the same hesitation, but I think it’s most likely going to be fine, as long as you make sure to choose a seller with an established good reputation and good reviews. I also wouldn’t buy one from Guanghua (too many stores and too much hassle for me, and seemed surprisingly pricy too compared to anywhere else I’ve lived, both in Europe and Asia).

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That’s the thing. On Acer, the warranty is one year. Prebuilt computers have terrible upgrade paths as well. Proprietary components, blacklists and more problems.

Each part if purchased separately is intercompatible, warranties range from three to five years, and can get running with a spare part if a part fails.

I can probably help with Windows too.

Let me see what I can do for you and give you a few great options.

I looked up the Acer Orion 5000. The CPU is quite old inside.


Same style of CPU. That old i7 is the 8700K, a what is now-considered a midrange 6 core CPU. This CPU is newer and supports newer features and somewhat faster than that old i7

I doubled the storage
I doubled the SSD
RAM speed upped to 3200 from 2666
Same GPU, but you’re gonna wanna wait, the 3070 will be out for the same price in less than a month and probably around 2080 or 2080 ti performance.
Quality Power Supply. 7 year warranty.

Better motherboard with faster Ethernet. More stable power delivery when overclocking.
It looks great.

Windows is $3000 I have genuine copies at home for $2000. Pro more expensive.
CoolPC can build it. I don’t know what their build fee is. I could build it for $1000

This is before I really start shopping around for the ABSOLUTE best price.


I will say that the various retailers at guanhua offers PC that is basically built from parts. They will include a copy of windows 10 as a part of the package.

It’s still more expensive. Warranty stickers don’t let you in your own PC. They lock it up.

I know the deals, I got the guanxi. They know who I am.

With the nvidea 30XX series releasing soon are you sure you don’t want to wait just a few weeks to either build it yourself or see if you can find a pre-built with one?

It looks like they may be up to double the performance of graphics card for the price… if you’re going to drop $1kUSD on a computer I think it would very much be worth the wait (this may be the best price-to-performance release in graphics cards of the decade)

I believe 7-11 has a limit on the size of online purchase items you can pick up. A computer might be too large for them. If you are able to run tests on the computer before the end of the shopee escrow period, you’ll have some peace of mind. No experience with warranties on shopee items.

Shopee as far as I know is (part) owned by UDN, it’s secure. It took me a while to figure out the system to pay on Shopee.

Oh yeah, I think you’re right. I’d forgotten about that. I thought it was 5 kilograms for all of the convenience stores, actually? (I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve seen several sellers stating that that’s the weight limit if you don’t want your order to be cancelled.)

This is all helpful. At the least I have improved my shoppee and computer knowledge. I’ll keep thinking about which direction to go and may ask more questions under a separate desktop thread.

I do wonder why would anyone buy a desktop similar to the iMac? I mean ones made by Asus and others.

You have about the upgradability as a laptop (meaning, you can’t) and you lack the stability of Mac OSX. If I am going to have a non portable computer then it will be a desktop tower.

材積最長邊≦ 45cm;長+寬+高 合計 ≦105cm;重量 ≦ 5kg

volume of the longest side of the package ≦ 45cm;
the total of length + width + height ≦105cm;
the total weight ≦ 5kg.

7- Eleven list of prohibited items

精密儀器、 3C、家電等貴重物品

List of Prohibited items : Pork products(for Kinmen area) , Cash, Valuable papers, exhibition tickets, gift certificates, fragile goods , Fresh vegetables, fruits and fish , Limited copies, important documents and certificates , Living animals and plants , Personal medicines , Valuables such as precision instruments, 3C, home appliances, etc. Chemicals, liquids, Illegally prohibited goods

For large goods Shoppee has a delivery option called “賣家宅配” which is delivery to your home address by a local logistics company

Sources :如何查詢包裹配送進度-1542986467469


Will you sell me a Windows license? I may need one in the coming days.

Sure! Home or Pro?

Home. I am currently installing on an old laptop laying around. I plan to use the original OEM license which I saved, but am guessing it is not going to work, at which point I may need to purchase another license (groan).

I’m in the rare situation where I want to remove linux and put Windows on. So the latest downloaded windows 10 iso on a usb is not recognised by this oldish Aspire laptop, on boot. Thinking there was something wrong with the bios ‘boot from usb’ settings, i put a linux iso on the same usb just to test it, and that boots! Now have to figure another way out. Nothing is ever easy.

How much do they cost here/from you, by the way? My work computer is a second-hand desktop that I bought a couple of years ago that originally came with Windows (presumably licensed), but the “Activate Windows” watermark popped up at some point during an update or something.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one of the bulk license keys on Shopee for a while but never got around to it - do you know how legit they are (or, probably better to say, how un-legit)?