How to describe a boston butt roast in Chinese

It’s time for pulled pork BBQ this weekend and I find it really hard to describe to the butcher what cut of meat that I want without hand signals. Even in English, the boston but would be better called a pork shoulder. They always think I’m nuts when I buy a giant roast and don’t want them to cut it into tiny pieces. Same for a rack of ribs.

I’m bringing a photo and will call it a 豬肩肉要骨頭. Any better words to describe it? I’ve never been able to get a roast with the bone included.


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I have seen the Boston butt cut you are looking for in Costco at Tamsui and Zhonghe. Unfortunately they do not carry it all the time so it’s a hit or miss kind of proposition.

波士頓屁股牛肉, 哈哈哈😄

very funny. mr phonetic.

I have seen the boston butt steaks at Costco and then asked the butcher for a whole one with success but still boneless. I’d really like to get the roast with the bone as it smokes better. It takes 12 hours or more.

Totally understand that’s what I use for my pulled pork. Yes they always have the Boston butt steaks but occasionally they will have a true Boston butt but like I said it’s a hit or miss.

I’ve tried 雞屁股 at a night market. My brother couldn’t handle it. lol

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Have you trie dthe Tianmu Butchery? They usually have stuff no one else does.

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豬的(point at your b-side)

come on, we ALL KNOW it’s the ONLY solution!

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I think I’ve successfully ordered one for pickup at the market. They had already removed the shoulder blade bones from everything and tried explaining that I should BBQ steaks. Let’s see what I get tomorrow! The BBQ pit will start about 3am on Sunday.

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we all invited to the BBQ?

I bet they’d have a brisket. Next time. :heart_eyes:

Let’s plan one! Forumosa BBQ and potluck!

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Goodness , never heard of that one before . Imagining some debauched old porn movie :scream:my apologies :pensive:

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Collar butt cuts are usually referred to as 梅花肉, 上肩肉. It’s the same cut for your typical chasiu.

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The cut is called 梅花肉, that’s how we order it, big piece of boneless pork shoulder. About 120 NT$/kg.

It’s called 梅花肉

I learned 梅花肉 today but not exactly correct as I want the bones also. They are quick to debone which is why I will pick up my order tomorrow am.

I believe ‘紅燒booty roast’ is the correct way to say it. You’re welcome.

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Another way to say it would be 帶骨豬肩肉