How to do Cash on delivery selling an item

I’m selling some items online and a buyer wants cash on delivery. How do I do that, and which services offer that. I think I had someone use black cat when I ordered something? Can anyone give me some info on how to do cash on delivery selling a item?

Post office

can you explain how it works? How do i receive the funds? Do I just tell them I want to do cash on delivery and come back to the post after he received it and collect cash?

Take parcel to post office, tell them you wanna send it COD, they’ll give you a form to fill in, one entry is your bank account number, one entry is value of goods, they’ll give you a carbon copy, when they deliver parcel consignee pays postman, a day or two later they transfer money to your account, easy peasy.


It can be any bank right? Not the post service bank?

Sorry, just asked the missus, must be P.O. bank. 7/11 will take ‘small’ parcels too, not sure about the money procedure there. Unless you know someone with a P.O. account…

If you sell regularly, sign a contract with Black Cat. They’ll come collect from your doorstep and transfer the collected cash minus a small transaction fee to you every two weeks.

I don’t have much experience with COD, but the few times I did, they were purchases from major online stores like PChome so I knew it would not be a hassle if I needed to return it.

Normally, you don’t want to do cash on delivery (COD) if it’s a person to person transaction. The chance of the person opening the item, inspecting it and deciding they don’t want it is a little high and I hear it has happened. Then…who’s in charge of the return shipping fee and so on and so forth.

Normally, it’s bank transfer to the seller and the seller sends the item after transfer confirmation. Yes, I know, not very safe either, but it’s just how things work.

COD the seller is at risk and bank transfer the buyer is at risk. Solution? In person exchange.

A word of advice, if it’s an FB transaction, check the person’s profile and see if he’s got any funny business on there. Before I bought an 8000NT bike part from a guy on an FB group, I checked his profile to see if he was actually a serious cyclist and whether the item’s condition would match his ad.

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I had no idea they can return it. You mean they can open it before they sign?

Depends on what kind of courier service you’re using. If it’s (convenient) store to store, buyer can open and inspect then transfer you the funds. Whereas courier service like Black Cat/DHL/Fedex, I believe you can’t if you picked COD.

I’m actually not sure why locals do it the way they do, I think it’s because COD and going through a courier service like Black Cat is a little more expensive than store to store or the post office.

7-eleven and Family Mart also provide COD. The seller goes to a convenience store to send it and the buyer goes to another one to get it.
It’s a way to avoid the hassle @ranlee mentioned, since the buyer cannot open and return it, but not as convenient as receiving the item at home.

Wife sells COD thru family mart mostly. Just like Ricarte described. Works pretty well.

Thanks for the clarification guys. I never knew COD was that simple through FamilyMart and 7-11. Now @Andrew0409 has to figure out how to use the kiosks.

Hello ! Sorry to revive this topic, I’m preparing a pastry and quiche online FB shop in Taipei, and I was wondering if anyone ever used COD for that kind of things. Some of the items I’ll have to ship will need to be refrigerated (not frozen, but kept around 4°C). :slight_smile: If anyone already did that from 7/11 or Family Mart or 黑貓, I’d be glad to hear your experience.

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We used 黑貓 for one of our businesses, though not for refrigerated items. You basically sign a contract with them and provide your bank account info. They will pay you minus a commission very two weeks. Shipping costs are invoiced once a month and start at $120 (?) for small items. If I recall correctly shipping in refrigerated trucks is more expensive.

hi guys can you teach me how to send package thru 711? i just read how to do on post office… its just the same? thankyou

Would be interested as well. Can anyone please help? Fledgling online store owner here.

Hello… Do I need to register before I process a cash on delivery?.. How to do it?.. Your suggestion is a big help… Thanks

You have to register first. Either at the the convenience store or at the website that you used (if they offer this option).
After that, you go to the ibon system, type the code you have got, print the ticket and give it together with the merchandise to the clerk.
Once the buyer had paid, you will get it in the account you’ve linked during the registration.

thanks for your reply…may i ask again…do i need to get a bank account to register? you have a video on how to do it? or any link on hoe to register?