How to do Cash on delivery selling an item

It’s not a requirement.
Wife usually sell using PChome or Ruten. She gets the money into her website account and can just use it to buy other stuff.
But you can link a bank account to it, if you prefer.

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What if I didn’t use any app! Like pc home?.. I just posted my item on Facebook…how can I use cash on delivery on 711?

You can register for free here:

Then you can avail of their COD service.

@dasaint you also use this site for cash on delivery?.. Thank you very much :):innocent::slightly_smiling_face:

yeah. and I can’t even read Chinese :wink:

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is they have requirements using an atm cards? i just have only taiwan bank card is it allowed?

any Taiwan bank card is allowed.

Hello there guys, Sorry to bring this up again but i need help. Im trying to sell goods in Taiwan but I need to know how to do COD selling through FamilyMart, Any idea what app or playform I can use to make COD through Familymart except for shopee… thanks in advance… I hope somebody see my inquiry :slight_smile:

What will happen if people are not satisfied with the item and want their money back?

You can use ezship for Family Mart, OK and HiLife, but there is an annual fee of NT$1500ish. So only worth it if you use it regularly.

Even if you just want to ship one thing, or is that not an option? I suppose that’s on top of the $60 they already charge for each package.

That’s my understanding for COD shipments. If you get paid otherwise and just send the package, you don’t need to sign up.


IIRC COD through the post office is easier than through convenience stores.

So 7-11 is the same? I looked at their process and didn’t see anything about a deposit.

Honestly I am no expert on this. One of my companies used to sell some things online and we used third party platforms for COD. For Family Mart, OK and HiLife that was ezship. For 7-Eleven, we had a direct contract. In both cases a contract was required, so I never dealt with one-off shipments.

Hi there! If someone sends my package to a 7-11 or Family Mart (COD transaction), is it possible for me to open the package to verify its contents before paying at the counter?

Also, if the above is possible and the seller has sent me an incorrect/damaged product, could I reject the package and not pay at all? Would the package then be sent back to the store the sender sent it off at?