How to get Taiwan Citizenship - Primer, FAQ, and Resources

I am having a question, i am getting Taiwan id next week, my wife and 2 years old daughter are holding 依親ARC, what is the shortest route for them to get APRC/ID? Can they apply for APRC/ID right after i am getting ID or they have to change their status to JFRV then wait 3 years later?

I have a 2 questions regarding the citizenship:

  1. is 35 or 36 the age cut for military service? and can you start the process at 34 and when you receive the Taiwanese ID you are 35, will you be exempt from military service?

  2. Once you get your TARC, you can apply for a Taiwanese Passport and still keep your old passport so that means you can travel. if you do travel, the time extends to 2 years instead of 1? and if you keep traveling the times keeps resetting forever until you can stay in the country for 1 year straight without leaving in order to get your ID?

It is till the end of the year that you turn 36. It starts a year later since you get your household registration.

You can apply for passport without TARC, if you are a born taiwanese. (If you are a naturalized Taiwanese, you should give up your passport, iirc within a year, unless your original country forbids it, or you are one of special foreigners who can keep original passport)

How long you should stay is written here.
Notices for the Application of National without Registered Permanent Household in Taiwan Area for Residence after Continuous residence or residence for certain period of time

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Does anyone know if you have a “criminal” offense and were given a fine by police (ie criminal record?) after you got a marriage TARC if that would keep you from getting a ROC ID? or would you be “under observation” for 2-3 years or something?

I don’t know the direct answer, but this may be related. It seems “you would be under observation for 2-3 years or you could try again after 2-3 years”.

(一)、依國籍法第三條第一項第三款規定,外國人或無國籍人申請歸化國籍及 準歸化中華民國國籍證明,應具備品行端正、無犯罪紀錄之要件,另同 法第四條第一項第一款規定,其以我國人之配偶身分提出申請,係以婚 姻真實為前提。 (二)、依歸化國籍婚姻真實及品行端正認定原則第三點規定,外國人或無國籍人依國籍法規定申請歸化,其犯罪情節輕微,且依警察刑事紀錄證明核發條例規定不予記載於警察刑事紀錄證明,屬下列情形之一者,認定為品行不端正: (一)觸犯刑法,經受緩起訴處分確定或緩刑、拘役、罰金之宣告確定。 (二)違反社會秩序維護法,經裁處拘留或罰鍰確定。 (三)妨害婚姻或家庭,經提出告訴且有具體事證。 (四)從事、媒合或教唆他人坐檯陪酒或脫衣陪酒。 (五)妨害風化或妨害善良風俗之行為。 (六)經相關機關查獲走私或運送、販賣違禁品。 (七)出於自願施用毒品。 (八)其他經內政部認定為品行不端行為。 外國人或無國籍人有前項第一款或第二款之行為,於緩起訴處分期滿未經 撤銷,或緩刑期滿未有其他犯罪,或於其他刑罰、行政罰執行完畢後三年 內,或第三款之行為經提出告訴後三年內,或第四款至第八款之行為遭查 獲後三年內,未再有前項各款行為之一者,得再重新申請歸化。 外國人或無國籍人有第一項第二款之行為經裁處拘留、罰鍰確定後滿二年, 或第三款之行為經提出告訴後滿二年,或第四款至第八款之行為遭查獲後 滿二年,可提出有益家庭及積極從事公益事證確鑿足認已改過自新,且未再有第一項各款行為之一者,得再重新申請歸化。 另第四點規定,外國人或無國籍人依國籍法規定申請歸化,其犯罪紀錄之認定,依警察刑事紀錄證明核發條例,所核發之警察刑事紀錄證明記載有刑事案件紀錄者,不得申請歸化;偵查或審判中之刑事被告,亦同。


According to Article 11 of Immigration Act, if it is not a crime with a sentence of punishment of imprisonment or greater, you may be ok.

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So can they cancel your citizenship for 5 years after your naturalization paper (become NWOHR) or for 5 years after you get an ROC ID (to get which you have to stay 365 consecutive days)?

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It’s 5 years after you get the approval for Naturalization…

Is this outdated info? They don’t do the quasi naturalization certificate anymore. But they will still revoke it if you don’t show them you renounced your prior citizenship within a year.

I suppose they can revoke 5 years from the Certificate of Naturalization point, not from ROC ID, then.

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Yeah, this was the document I received 5 years ago when we had to denaturalize first and then get Taiwan’s naturalization…the period from which I got denaturalized till I was naturalized was exactly 2mths & 13 days…so I was stateless for that period.

Correct!!! I just checked my Naturalization Certificate and it was dated 104年5月15日…So I’m finally out of the 5 year jail sentence! :man_dancing: :relaxed:. They can’t revoke me now!! I can finally do some “Bad Conduct” and display “Bad moral character” without being afraid my a$$ would be hauled away and deported god knows where LOL!


I have tried to read most of this. I think there has been some changes along the way. I am a little confused. Are these the steps ?

  1. Submit application for voluntary naturalization at HHR
  2. Wait a couple of months for approval
  3. If you succeed, they will give you “Certificate of Quasi-Naturalization”
  4. Use the document from #3 to apply for renunciation from your own country
  5. After succeeding in #4, get a “stateless” certificate and submit it to HHR
  6. You will be issued a TARC and asked not to leave Taiwan for 365 days (you can get a temp Taiwan passport If you need to travel)
  7. After completing your jail sentence your can apply for household registration and Taiwan ID

Is my understanding correct ? Did I miss anything ?

You would find the latest instruction here.

Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages between Foreign Nationals and R.O.C. Citizens and Household Registration

Some differences for non spouse
Required documents in Chinese


these steps are removed. You will get TARC first, then submit the proof of renounce within a year, otherwise your naturalization will be canceled.


As per my understanding, you can avoid the military service once you turn 36. I’m currently waiting till that time comes. However, given the current coronavirus crisis, not sure if there’s any changes on this regards.

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Are they going to give us any kind of document / proof to show that we are will be naturalized (on renunciation) ?

There are countries (e.g. mine) that won’t allow you to renunciate unless you show them that you already hold nationality (or certificate/document with promise of nationality) from another country.

yes, you first do naturalization and get a status of NWOHR and TARC. At this point you are already Taiwanese, though the naturalization could be canceled.

If you need a citizenship to renounce your current nationality, you can provide the proof then I think you can do the renounce later. But please confirm it with some authorities.

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With a NWOHR status, can we get the NWOHR passport, while we are on TARC? I think the passport would be sufficient proof for me to apply for my renunciation.

I don’t know how a TARC looks, but if it looks like a regular ARC, I don’t think they’ll accept it (unless it clearly says I am naturalized).

I will try to confirm with the authorities. I will post my experience here once I submit my application next month. I am just waiting on my daughter’s “Single/Unmarried certificate”. She is only 6 months, but MOI (ministry of interior) wouldn’t exempt her on this requirement. I already butted heads with them but ultimately failed to convince them. So we are currently working on getting that document.

PS. Has anyone here done an “accompanying naturalization” for a child before ?

yes, you can get the NWOHR passport. Iirc, HHR office first give you a certificate of permit for naturalization or something like that, and you bring it to NIA to get a TARC. You apply for passport at BOCA with the TARC.

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A foreign country’s passport isn’t enough to prove to your home country that you have another nationality, you need a citizenship/nationality certificate. But, you need to hand the ROC naturalisation certificate in when you apply for your TARC and then NWHOR passport, meaning you won’t have the naturalisation certificate to show your home country’s government if you go through this process before renouncing.
And what about people who hold dual Taiwan and another country’s citizenship who need to renounce the other country’s citizenship for some reason, eg holding a public office where dual citizenship is not allowed?
What document do you get to prove to your home country that you are holding ROC nationality? Most countries won’t allow you to renounce their citizenship without this as a measure against statelessness (the USA being one notable exception).
Simply apply for this document from HRO:


Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
“Certificate of Nationality of ROC”. That should do it!