How to get the vaccine as a foreigner?

Any word on when and how foreigners can get the COVID vaccine?


in the future, you maybe know if you can get a vaccine by your NHI card at a convenience store, and there may be a vaccine map like the mask map.





If you aren’t a priority target, maybe after September.


COVID-19/國內新冠疫苗最新進度!只差無菌試驗就可放行 接種時程分成三階段 | Heho健康

If you are a medical worker, you can get it through your employer.


COVID-19/疫苗來了!AZ共11.7萬疫苗抵台,首批接種人士公布 | Heho健康


The article indeed says September. But this seems rather doubtful. Even the EU countries only aim to be able to offer a vaccination to non-priority groups after September and Taiwan is much lower in the pecking order for vaccine access than the EU. September would therefore be rather surprising. And to what extent foreigners will be able to get the vaccine is also not clear yet. This does not mean that the answer is no, but so far no policy has announced, neither regarding foreigners with, nor without a national health insurance card except foreign caregivers

HK is offering all residents over 30 choice of Pfizer or some Chinese one.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Taiwan offered it rather soon as well, doubt the up take will be that high so it will be open to everyone

Taiwan has repeatedly officially stated that it will NOT buy Chinese vaccines


Sure, I read that in the paper as well. What’s your point ?

I presume Taiwan will offer other vaccines than the Chinese one, for example the phizer one

Domestic vaccine could come in July at the earliest.

September is the time line they would start vaccine for the last priority group.

Foreign care givers are given priority.


Point is twofold: 1) There will not be a Chinese vaccine in Taiwan according to official pronouncements while you seem to state that you “Wouldn’t be surprised if Taiwan offered it rather soon as well.” 2) Western vaccines are in short supply and so if the EU is struggling to get enough of the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine produced in the EU even for EU citizens, this will apply even more so to Taiwan

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Just saw GP for unrelated thing. Asked about vaccine, he said “maybe” it’ll start in June and even then just healthcare workers or those with serious health/immunity issues. Probably be damn November before us healthy 30 somethings get it. By which point I’ll be ready to kill for a vaccine passport. Two years no leaving Taiwan… :crazy_face:


Countries that have completely buggered up handling Covid (such as the UK) won’t let us in because we aren’t vaccinated. Madness, but it will happen.

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I know, it’s a mess. The EU has bungled it even worse with all their fear-mongering about AstraZeneca. Makes me rethink my thoughts about Brexit.

They have no problems with supply, they have boxes of it becoming useless if not used in time.

Holding back over age and blood clots screwed up EU vaccine plans.

Why? Named ‘Oxford’ Astra Zeneca that’s why.


Maybe then there will be more stock in those moderna and pfizer vaccines. I’d wait for those.

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I’m not a vac snob (not saying you are). I’ll take anything that’s approved. My feelings might be different if I were a pregnant woman or something, I don’t know.

I’m prepared to jack up with the Chinese crap if it gets me a vaccine passport.


I’d be willing to take Trump’s bleach cocktail at this point.


I think in Canada 40-somethings are eligible in May. I’m not bothering with the research yet because things are changing too quickly, but in a couple months I’ll definitely be looking into logistics for non-residents getting the shot in Canada, and what the rules will be for getting back into Taiwan.

One policy that has been announced is an expected 12 week wait for the second shot. This is not foreigner specific; it’s how (at least for now) the authorities in Taiwan intend to move forward with vaccination. So if you want the booster, add three months to the expected wait.


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I agree but it I still put some blame on the government for not offering enough money to get on the top of the vaccine list. Now they have to remain locked down longer than they might have had to since so many other countries are at the top of the rollout.

Yeah. I called it wrong earlier in the pandemic when I thought they were sensible to hold back on vaccines to see how effective they were in other countries.

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