How to make salmon safe to eat raw

I know Costco sells sushi but they also sell salmon as well. I asked them if it’s safe to eat raw they said no.

What do I need to do to salmon to make it safe to eat raw? I heard to freeze it to -40, what kind of freezer do I need to get it that cold?

Go buy sashimi-grade salmon at a market.


It needs to be blast-frozen, this gets rid of the parasites or something.

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Just eat it raw. What’s the worst than can happen? Tape worm plus weight loss?


You can take it to an internal temperature of 65c, then its safe to eat raw :wink:


That could actually lead to some serious problems. What if they get into your brain?

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That could be an improvement. Always look for the positives.


I measured the temp of a deep freezer, and it gets to -20 if the compressor just finished cycling, with the thermostat set pretty low. I think -30 is the absolute coldest a deep freezer will get (a lot of those hot pot ice cream freezers are set this cold, it makes the ice cream rock hard).

I guess dunking it in liquid nitrogen would do the job, or packing it in dry ice.

So they sell sashimi grade fish at the traditional market? Can they be trusted?

Zombie get sick, Dolores O’Riordan get sad

That’s because it’s a deep freezer. You need a blast freezer.

I watched a documentary that said worms make you smarter and stronger and healthier.

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Sure. Restaurants get it there. But it will probably need to be a bigger market like the ones on Binjiang Rd or Wanda Rd.

Know of any stalls selling sashimi grade fish near danshui?

Go to the biggest market and ask. They won’t joke around with that I’m sure.

“I don’t like salmon” in three, two…

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I love salmon, they’re better raw than cooked.

I also favor mandatory brain slugs on everyone’s head…


That Fisherman’s Wharf thing should work?

The small markets and even street stalls sell it here in Pingtung, so I’m sure the markets in Taipei have it.

This guy has a little stall each evening, but its mostly tuna all on ice.

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That’d almost certainly destroy the texture. Ice crystals.

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Yeah how much raw salmon can one eat? Buying small amounts when wanted would probably be a better idea.