How to Open A Buxiban

Legal fees
Computers and services
Your own salary

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I believe in NTC you need 400,000 in the bank to get licensed. It can be costly to get licensed and inspected; architects don’t come cheap. Books and supplies, whiteboards, desks. You might want a driver. Cleaners can be hired but most require a certain amount of hours each day (4).

I pay my teachers more than other schools because I have trouble finding teachers. I also don’t enjoy exploiting my workers. I imagine an accountant will help you stay out of hot water and save you some money in the long run.

I’m currently in the process of turning my illegal buxiban into a legal one. The start up costs are quickly approaching 1 million NT.

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How much do you pay them?

I’d like to know too. Could you please kindly share with us?

I paid my assistant teachers 32,000 to start with raises at six months and a year. After a year they will be making 40,000. Ten days paid vacation and 5 sick days a year.

Right now I pay an Foreigner teacher to come in 15 hours a week. He makes $750 an hour.

Wow! This is a pretty big illegal kindy you’re running.

Erm, did YOU have an accountant?

Perhaps why I am in hot water ATM.

Perhaps just buy this one.

Hey, I’m opening a buxiban in Da’an. Were you able to get your school certified? Is there an English document available regarding all the steps? Hope your school is doing well.

Hey, did you ever find this document in English? Thank you!

My wife speaks Chinese so she read the document. If you want to open a buxiban I suggest you find a school that has shut down that already has a license. Starting from scratch can be very costly and takes a long time. If you want to start from scratch there are companies and associations that can make it much easier, especially if you don’t speak Chinese.

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Are you still in the buxiban game?

I am.

… and a ‘school bus’.

Fake knowing Taiwanese Mandarin till you make it. :laughing:

Or, get a business partner who is proficient in Mandarin and be a silent partner.

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I underestimated how important it was to have someone be the face of the school. It is so super important to have a Taiwanese partner that people trust.

Not always, but it makes things a lot smoother for those that are fearful/nervous of interacting with foreigners (that’s a lot of local people unfortunately, including institutions such as banks that often request Taiwan ID for stuff ) . If you don’t speak and read Chinese you are going to need somebody to do that anyway (competent admin ). I wouldn’t go down the Taiwanese biz partner route personally though except for a spouse.

Thanks, I sent you a PM!

Taiwanese spouse? That’s even crazier.