How was your ride today?

I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you.

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The joy of roadside repairs …:grin:


Convenient that Taiwan provides the roadside bike stand

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Could I be obtuse enough to request that you upload more photos of your rides, if you are at all happy to do so?

I enjoy them very much, y’all got a good eye :eye:


Not all of them are that exciting or picture worthy :laughing:, but I’ll see what I can do.

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You’ll want to form echelons on the flat stages. Don’t do a Contador and get caught out.

I went on my first ride for ages after being off for months and then recovering from Covid last week. Just a short local loop on a long neglected member of my collection. The one furthest buried. Once I started riding I remembered why it was propped against the back wall…
Loose left crank from previous owner not tightening the crank bolt and rounding off the taper. Plus a grinding bottom bracket. No biggie. I did not go far nor hard. Plus it’s typical 32 degrees and 95 humidity. But I did take some photos.

1994 Lemond Alpe d’Huez About 2-3 cm too small for me, and a bit heavy. Mixed Campy set from the period plus Mavic XP-10 wheels. And San Marco Rolls


Glad to hear it!

Photos don’t appear to be working though, just shows processing and uploading

Is it my phone, or are ur pictures in eternal upload?

Got in a ride up to Maokong before the downpour. Summer heat was on full blast. The climb was a slog. Had to dismount like 5 times. In the winter, I could ride up with just 2 rest breaks. Lots of cyclists. Even saw a mom riding up with a toddler in a child seat. :notworthy:



Someone at the top started singing “Holding out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler and she was on her way.


I’m waiting with bated breath here too…

Yeah, upload fail I guess. Too many at once? Too big?

One by one seems to work apart from random orientation. しょうがない


Did the toddler wave to you and they rode by :wink:

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It works!

Who is the statue dude in the last photo?


I passed them first. Couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought she must be riding an e-bike but it wasn’t. Several hundred meters up the hill I got winded and had to take a break. As I was drinking my water, she caught up to me and passed me. :flushed: The toddler, a little girl, was just sitting back and enjoying herself.


Taiki, the first person from Okinawa to be sent by the king ( or one of the kings of Ryukyu) to China to establish tributary trade. About 650 years ago.

And because of that, China now says it has a legitimate claim to ownership of Okinawa! Lolz.

We were paying Japan at the same time in the opposite direction.


Nice pics and nice bike! I love the look of 70s-80s steel bikes. I fixed one up not too long ago, rode it a couple times. Hateful, just don’t know what to do with my hands!

Have thought about the Colnago Master, or something of that nature, but with a modern (round tube though, not those integrated cockpit things) handlebar and groupset.

Dude, what school did you attend? You don’t know who Columbus is???