How was your ride today?


I think that cold affected me more than I realize. I swam a few times in the last two weeks, but man I was just so weak on the bike over the weekend. Well, it looks like good weather this week so let’s see how I can get back into things.


Been a bit quiet here, anyone get out these past few weeks during the dry spots (in Taipei).

I got out this weekend with two friends and we did our normal weekend loop to Helen’s in Shenkeng. We usually take 47-1, but this time we thought, maybe 47 would be dry, so we opted for 47. Turns out, it was wet all the way up, but at least it’s better than 47-1 where you have parts of the climb where it’s covered in trees, which means leaves.

We were there for coffee and just about to leave when a friend that I met at the bike show showed up and wuddyaknow, following him was the CEO of Basso.

We stopped for a quick chat and pics before it started raining and they invited us down to 106 (bike shop) for coffee. We couldn’t refuse the offer so we went down and had a chat and told them they had to ride Yang Ming Shan in March when they came back for the Taipei Bike Show.

Never really thought of Basso for my next bike, but knowing the CEO is such a nice guy, why not?


Ah, that makes more sense! I saw a new post in “How was your ride today?”, and looked out the window, and thought “Huh?! Somebody’s desperate for a ride!”

I only had two rides in October. Ugh. Wasn’t it supposed to be sunny today?

Taiwan’s time zone is also annoying me. Some days I finish work at 4, yet it’s dark an hour later - but what’s up with this daylight shortly after 6am thing?! I wish we adopted the Malaysia-Singapore “permanent daylight savings time” approach.

On the plus side, various projects have kept me off my bike during the rare good weather days of the past month, and those projects should be mostly finished next week.


October was a bad for me too (very low mileage). I hope to turn things around this month. I’m aiming for a long one over the last weekend of November and I need to get ready for that. I would be in a world of pain if I tried that in a day or two.


October was good for me after a lazy Sept. It’s Respro mask season now but still putting in some Strava klicks.


Any tips on maintaining lung health while cycling this winter?


I use a Respro Cinqro that seems to work pretty well. I don’t venture out unless it’s sub 100 pm2.5, though.


That’s my limit as well. Today’s ride:


I love cycling but if I do it then I will get lazy on walking my dog around the neighborhood.


Dog first. Ride after.

No excuses.


Maybe you are right I just need to do some scheduling.


I travelled to @urodacus land this past weekend for the Tour de Okinawa.

Oh man, what a refreshing weekend away from smoggy Taipei. The event was split into two days, first day of northern Okinawa and second day was southern Okinawa. Despite it being a bit ma fan to lug my bike to and from the airport, it was well worth it as air quality and road conditions are great in Okinawa.

First day was 196.85km, moving time of 7:53:13, 2,185m of climbing. With some pretty constant up and down hills which were not really that high in elevation, but they do get tiring after awhile.

Second day day was 167.86km with moving time of 6:35:06 and 1,031m climbed. I did not even think I was capable of 150km+ days back to back until this weekend. Luckily, second day was much much less elevation and we took our time because there were some nice picture spots along the way.


Had my first ride in two months yesterday, 1.4km from my apartment in Sheung Wan to the nearest bike shop in Kennedy Town.

Turns out getting your drivetrain adjusted in Hong Kong is a multi-day bike drop off procedure, vs popping into the shop for 10 minutes in Taiwan. Go figure.


I almost regret going to Okinawa because now every ride I do in Taipei is…meh.

Nonetheless, chicks dig scars and pain is just weakness leaving the body. In other words, I still gotta ride.

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for a century, so that’s exactly what I did.

Having Fulong bento box at 9AM was quite the adventure, never thought I would crave bento box that early in the morning, but since I didn’t have breakfast, it had to be done.

I first thought riding through Keelung city would be mayhem, but we hugged the coast all the way up to Wanli past Wai Mu Shan and it wasn’t as congested as we thought.

We got home a bit later than planned, but it was a great day in the saddle to help a friend prep for his Iron Man next year. I assume we will do this again in the next few weeks. Who’s coming?


OMG. Sunshine in Keelung! Celebrations all round!


Shhhhhh, don’t jinx it.


Wow @ranlee that looks amazing.

Just be glad you don’t live in HK. I already miss Taiwan riding more than anything.

Verdict on cycling in Hong Kong, admittedly after only a couple of peak rides: basically pretty shit. Need to hit the road before 6am otherwise the taxis are out in force (why the hell are they all going up at the peak road at 6:30am, anyway??). Haven’t yet found any quiet mountain roads like you get all around Taipei, and doubt there really are any, at least ones that are accessible. Oh well.


Southerly winds predicted for Sun./Mon. fingers crossed.


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A rare picture of the puzzle stage of the Tour de France which was abandoned after 2 years with the loss of 36 competitors. Only 2 are still missing.


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