How would you rate 2020

How was your 2020?
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In some ways not bad, in other ways not good. Started a new job, and aside from a bumpy start I seem to be doing well now. Sure do miss my family in the States though, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to (conveniently) see them again.

Oh, and wearing masks everywhere crowded sucks.


2020 on balance has been great, only negative I guess would be the NSL in Hong Kong

Pretty good for me.

Being in Taiwan covid didn’t impact me a whole lot. Was able to make a trip back home in July. Equities market made me richer, as did cryptocurrency.

Shit. And I’m not just saying that because of COVID (although not being able to see my parents for a year and always being on edge over this virus is certainly a factor). I’ve had two personal tragedies this year. It’s impossible for 2021 to be anything but better.


Totally shit.

8 months out of this year I couldn’t pay rent, had to owe money into next month.

Ran out of money at the beginning of the year, had to pay the 180,000nt fine to stay out of jail because of Obike.

On top of that, little to no work, or any work that I got was canceled because of “reasons”.

I hope next year will not repeat this year.


Good year for me, but as a year in general…


Not great, not terrible.

Rating: alive


Best 2020 I’ve experienced.


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Not great but looking up!

Broke up with my TW girlfriend but might have found a new one

Bit depressed from staying home too much. At about 10% productivity compared to last year.

Lost some more hair. I really need to workout but my mom refuses to let me go to the gym in Taiwan.

Yeah. The gyms in Taiwan are dangerous. Last time I went to the gym here I found that someone had stolen all of the estrogen from my locker!


It’s funny you can be all depressed and find a girlfriend like quickly. Are girls here really that desperate?

After 30, most single Taiwanese women living with their parents are looking to settle down. Dating a local girl in their 20s is a different story.

Taiwanese people, men or women are a complete mystery to me. I have no way to be friends with any of them, much less start a relationship. Even if she was in her 50s and single it wouldn’t work for me.


To be honest I think after 35 it goes downhill since a girl has passed their biological clock and they don’t have a reason to rush things anymore. 30-35 single women still living with their parents seems to be the magical range.



Because I have Asian parents

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