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Hello I need some help finding some, hopefully free, softare for html web coding. I have front page, but I am having trouble with it. I am trying to create a new website quickly, I could code it myself but it takes too damn long. And front page is not working well with a free provider I am using.

This is what is happening. Front page uses


for spacing between lines, I need software that using the basic
code. Everytime I want to edit the code in on the providers webpage it changes it from


to something else which creates a mess on the page, and each time it gets worse. I want software that is very very basic and doesn’t use a lot of strange coding like front page uses.

Any help would be appreciated.

Microsoft themselves have a tool to cut crud out of Frontpage HTML pages. I doubt whether it would deal with your line break problem, but you could use search and replace for that. I haven’t tried it myself, but here is the URL anyway:

HTML-Kit seems to be free for non-commercial use…At least, I couldn’t find any mention of payment on their web page, which is

Do you already have the page, just not in a way you like? If you put the page up somewhere, I’ll have a look at it and see what I can do.

The long fogotten Netscape Composer is actually just what you might need. It makes clean code with HTML that I would write, pretty much. It is dang simple and has some pretty neat features. The one I’m talking about is Netscape 7.0. I actually use it to browse most of the time as I really like the tab thing they lifted from Opera. They also fixed most all of the bugs and rough edges that made Netscape 6.0 suck hard.

Thanks all!

Juba I will take a look at the information you provided, in the mean time can you tell me how to use the feature on frontpage that you were talking about?

Cranky, yeah the page is up and working fine right now, but if I edit it it will be screwed up unless I delete the current code and paste in the new code again. If I cannot get it to work the way I want to I will let you take a look at it. I appreciate the offer. It could also be that the free site I am using is just that free.

Jeremy, unfortunately I don’t really want to rewrite all the code. All the code has already been written using frontpage. But I agree with you Netscape 7 is nice but I haven’t tried out the feature yet, I try it. And I still like Opera, and that tab thing is really nice indeed~!!


Anyone know what kind of tool would be needed to create the kind of realistic push-button thing at the top of this page - Phone Fitness Coach?

That’s a javascript mouseover effect, with the buttons (images) placed in a table and a third image appearing to the left. I’ve coded that sort of thing before by hand, though the site I put them on is offline, so I can’t point you to it.

There are probably freeware programs that will do the work for you. Try searching for “javascript mouseover creator” (without the quotes).

My fave text-based basic html editor is Arachnophilia, though I prefer the layout of v4.0 over the new (Java) v5.0.

You can also create the mouseover effect from ImageReady, which was bundled with Photoshop 6 and 7 if you don’t fancy juggling names and variables in javascript.


are you familiar with Arachne?
I want to play with it…
I have an ADSL connection at home? What do I need to setup to connect to the internet on DOS using Arachne?

anton xie

Arachnophilia is an html editor for Windows (Java version also available.) Arachne is a browser for DOS.

I enjoyed browsing the web with Arachne on a notebook computer whose Windows system had disintegrated. You can also use it on a computer with only DOS, no Windows installed, as long as you have a monitor that can display graphics, i.e. EGA or CGA onwards. If you have a truly ancient computer with a monochrome monitor, you can still browse the web with Net-Tamer. There was a warning that before installing Arachne, you should create a directory and set it as the temporary directory - Click here for instructions or do as follows:

[quote]Making and Setting the “TEMP” Directory
You need to make a directory in which all of the temporary file made by DOS and Windows will be kept. You then need to force Windows and DOS to use that directory. First, make a directory, c:\temp. In DOS, this is done by using the following commands:
(If not in the root directory)
cd c:\ (press enter)
md c:\temp (press enter)
Once the c:\temp directory is made, enter the following into autoexec.bat (or config.sys in DOS 6 or higher):
SET TEMP=C:\TEMP[/quote]

Under MS-DOS, the default temporary directory is the DOS directory itself, so if the temporary directory gets cleared, your entire operating system gets deleted :cry:

Apart from that, installing and using Arachne is quite simple. Have fun!

Okay I have fixed the problem. I decided it was worth to buy a hosting package for my domain rather then use free hosting, I think that was 99.9% of the problem. Also the netscape composer is excellent!! Thanks for recommending this! It doens’t have a lot of features like front page, but that is okay. I am still trying to figure out how to use HTML-Kit, it seems very powerful, but it is a little more complex. Thanks guys!

Also do any of you know any good sources or good scripts for making counters? I am tired of using free services for this, I want to make my own. I have done a search in google for this but every webpage I look at tells me I need to link back to the creators name or page, it’s understandable but I want my own! I believe my host allows the use of use cgi and java. Heck even a simple html counter would do fine. Front page counter sucks, I tired it, just put (hit counter) on my page, so worthless! Please help!


Macromedia Fireworks can do that sort of thing quickly without having to know what to do with code and stuff like that. Or Flash - but it’s a little more tricky. If you use these programs you can feel a lot more artistic, if that’s what you’re into.

Here is a PHP tutorial that shows you how to make a web counter. You may want to read the related introduction to PHP as well. This is the “right” way to do this, and also a way to learn more about creating dynamic html pages. I would implement this using perl and the template toolkit (, but you may find PHP easier to get started with. Have fun!

Hi Feiren, Thanks for the information, but did you know that this link you provided leads directly back to this thread! [url [ … ply&t=6235](]

I will check the other site you mentioned. Apprecaite your help! And by the way Welcome to Segue! I never did that yet. :blush:

Appreciate your help!

You might want to give me a black eye for this… but here goes anyway.

Why do you want a hit counter anyway? 1, no-one believes your site is as popular as your counter says it is. 2, if the number is really low it looks lame. 3, your hosting package will include a stats service you can check to see all sorts of interesting stuff about visits, including # of hits.

So why bother? It’s one of those things that people used to do simply because they could, like put your system time on the page in an applet, or make things follow your cursor around the screen. Perhaps you are leading the next trend in web design… 90’s retro?

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything.

No, no blackeyes will be given! And I DON’T think you are being rude! :smiley:

hsiadogah, you make a good point, and the reasoning behind my putting a counter on my page is NOT to let other people know how many people have visited, because you are right no one cares!

I want to be able to see if someone hits my page. Yes my domain has stat features but I have to log in and then and then and then, it’s a pain in the butt just to check my stats. If I put it on my page, all I need to do is type the address and I know the answer. :sunglasses:

Yes, I see. I don’t agree, but I see.

Many hosts offer a counter manager, look at your domain control panel for the service. Otherwise, many of the free counter services are reliable and don’t place ads. Unless you want to start installing Perl scripts and all the fun of learning it, I’d go that route.

Trust me, once you’ve had your domain for a few months, one quick look at the stats every month or so is enough. Your audience settles down, and you go look for 404 errors or port probes instead of how many people came to visit in the last hour :wink:

Yes you are right free counters are okay and yeah once a month may be enough to check. The domain service I am using is a little complex so I cannot just log in and check, I have to log in and then go here go there blah blah blah, it is not user friendly, but they offer other services I like so I stick with them… For now…

Just would like to have my own counter. Others crash constatly or go out of business, etc. And most of the ones I have found put a small ad on your site so people know which service it is. So I hope I can just create my own simple counter.

You might want to try installing Awstats. If you run it as a CGI, you will have a page accessible from your web browser with stats galore. This does involve some Perl scripts, but there are detailed installation instructions.