Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2017-2018


I’ve just got a call from the representative office here and they told me that I got the scholarship for the three months period I had asked. So if anyone is going to CLD in November, I’ll see you there!
Good luck to everybody :smiley:




Heard back from the SF office yesterday, and they gave me nine months! Will be at NCCU in September.


Thank you ^^




Congrats to you guys. I did this scholarship 6 six years ago and it was a great experience. I am living in Taipei again since a few months ago, if any of you come to Taipei feel free to message me and my wife and I will take you out for a meal.


Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask you about your background, such as if you went to college, if you’ve studied Mandarin, took the TOCFL, etc?


Thanks! I studied for 2.5 years in college (will graduate in a few months). Did a yearlong exchange in Singapore and a 2 month intensive program in Chengdu. I haven’t taken the TOCFL.


I’m currently in college (2nd year) and have studied Mandarin for a year and a half (my major is unrelated to Chinese) and I have passed HSK2 (which I don’t think that counts in Taiwan anyway).
I had two recommendation letters. One from my Chinese teacher and one from the CEO of the local IT company I work for. The lady who’s responsible about the scholarships told me that what really impressed her was my Chinese teacher’s letter and that it was what actually made the difference.
It’s probably a case by case thing, I don’t believe the same requirements apply to all candidates.


Your best bet, if total immersion is what you want, is to live and work in a Taiwan, most likely in teaching. Then take a HSK test at a level to your skill compentence.


Congrats to you all who heard back. I got the award letter from TECRO Washington DC office two weeks ago. They asked me to submit an admission letter, with a deadline of May 10th, from my school (NCCU) before they could issue the official scholarship certificate of acceptance.

Has anyone received the official certificate yet? Is the award letter a gaurantee that you’ll get the scholarship provided your school admits you? Thanks


They are going to give it to me in person this week, in the TECO of Greece, so I can ask them if the award letter guarantees the scholarship. Theoretically, if you get admitted, I don’t honestly see a reason why you may not get it. I think their guidelines said you’re officially not getting the scholarship even if they have selected you only in the case you get rejected by your school choices or you don’t want to get it :confused:


Hi! I applied at the danish office march 15 for 6 months scholarship. I got an e-mail April 12 telling me I got 3 months scholarship.
I don’t know if it helps, but I called in and asked about the deadline and almost every question I could think off. The guy who handled the scholarship was very nice and didn’t have a problem with me calling in.


Hi guys!

Just found this thread - I got accepted for the nine month scholarship (will be starting in December @ CLD!)
@Luthien, were you able to change your language centre? Trying to pencil in a budget and I’m wondering if it’s worth finding a cheaper school, even though I love Taipei ;-;


I’m going to ask them this week when I go to my local TECO. I’ll post their answer here.


The way the LA office worded it to me in my email was:
"When you submit your admission letter of language center, you will have completed the entire review procedure and thus one of the recipients"
My understanding is that the scholarship is more or less official assuming you get your admission letter in on time. They also told me I would get my certificate at the orientation which is in June or July.


I also received notification from the LA office that I am a “finalist.” Seems like once you send your admission letter they will confirm your scholarship. We are supposed to receive our certificate at the orientation at the end of June/beginning of July.



I am curious, how long did the LA office give you a scholarship for?


What is the orientation? Do you mean the package of materials they send to our home addresses?


Hey! I haven’t heard back yet from the NY office but I was told that if I started in November, I couldn’t apply for 9 months. Is that not the case for you guys, @kt and @Luthien? Where are you applying from?