Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2017-2018


I’m applying from the UK! For the 9 month scholarship there’s only two start dates, 1st September/1st December. I believe the winter session for CLD begins late November, which might be what @Luthien is referring to?


Thanks for telling me! I didn’t realize the rules would vary so much by country which is a bit annoying :frowning:


I’m applying from Greece and indeed I’m referring to the CLD program.


Omg , I got applied for 1 year by the swedish office , see you guys on the island!


Congratulations v


Congratulations tofu44

I applied through the Canadian Office. Got an email saying I got the HES 6 months scholarship !

Does anyone know how to get 6 month accommodation?


I applied for the 6 month scholarship. I’m going to attend CLD. How about you?


Applied for 9 months, though they gave me just 3


Congrats everyone! How are people looking for accommodation? I know CLD doesn’t provide housing :frowning:


Since you’ll be staying there for 9 months, you can probably rent. I’m personally looking for roommates.


I had a meeting today with their cultural division representative today and she told me that I can change schools until my award certificate is sent to me in two weeks and just have her know before the deadline. But I don’t know if the same applies to the UK office.


Me too :slight_smile: 6 months at CLD




When are you going if I may ask?




I’d love to hear some opinions on this: What are the advantages of studying Mandarin in Taipei vs. in Beijing?

If you had a similar scholarship opportunity to study in Beijing, would you still choose Taiwan? Why?



Personally, I don’t think I’d like to live in Beijing for an extended period of time due to the air pollution, though I would really like to live in another part of mainland China, maybe in the southern half. Some people say it is easier to practice Chinese in China due to lower English proficiency among the local people.


I was just granted the 3 month scholarship from the Boston TECO office :") I’ll probably be attending CLD at NTU, but may be going to MTC. Haven’t quite decided yet, but will definitely be there for the winter session!

Anyone else?

Congratulations to everyone!


I also just received the official document. Congrats to all.

Does everyone think 25,000 NTD is enough to live on each month?

Do you all think it’s better to find off campus housing? NCCU does have a dorm and an international house, but it seems a bit expensive.


I’ll be in the CLD for the winter session!