Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2018-2019

Hello everyone!!.As i am very interested in learning chinese in Taiwan i am thinking of applying for the Huayu scholarship when it will become available.I am curious, if i apply for the scholarship in march 2018 will i be able to attend the summer classes (from june to august 2018) as i’ve heard the scholaships results are out almost at the end of may, or is better to start with the fall semester?

I will be applying as well for the 2018 - 2019 SY. From what I’ve read in past posts, you can apply for the summer time during the application period which opens from Feb 1st till March 31st each year. As for which is better? Can’t answer that for you, but I would recommend to aim high and hopefully they give you what you request. I plan on applying for the full 12 months so lets hope for the best <3

Thank you so much for replying!!..i wish you can get the scholarship as well!!..<3

It’s almost that time. Whose applying? Where are you applying from?

The duration of the scholarship is from March2018-August2019. They posted the 18-19 scholarship a couple of weeks ago!

Hi! I’m planning to apply from New York to study at National Kaohsiung Normal University.

Well I am just applying for the language program and the dates are from Feb 1st to March 31st to apply from what it says here.

Me too!

I am curious do we just apply through the embassy and hope for the best or apply to the Mandarin Center and the Embassy?

I believe you apply through the embassy, and also apply to your CLC. In (2d) the requirements for the scholarship , it says you need to send an application from your school of choosing. Then, (2) it says you need to send the admission letter to them, once your admitted. ! My application is for the TECO Boston, so neglect that an replace with your nearest TECO.


Yeah its weird for I am applying through the DC embassy and they don’t mention it on their site but its mentioned in the generic instructions document where they post on all of the embassy pages.

And at the end of the application form they attached, they put this checklist but it doens’t mention the application form. So I am just gonna call them tomorrow and ask for I want to be sure before I submit it.


The application process is really difficult to follow. I’ve contacted a few agencies and haven’t heard back from anybody yet. I hope they give you a response in a reasonable amount of time.

Yeah I see what you mean @larugh and @MStone835

So I just called the DC embassy today and the lady told me that we don’t need to attach the Mandarin Language Center application form for our application. I guess different embassies have different requirements for she said we would only need it only if we get accepted for the scholarship.

@larugh I recommend you visit this page here and figure out which embassy you’ll be applying to and call them there for further questions. Contact specifically the Education Sector and inquire.

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How are you going to arrange housing?

I just sent all the paperwork for the scholarship out this week! I also sent my application to my CLC of choice in Taiwan, AND sent TECO my copy of the CLC application just be be safe. I figured having more than enough paperwork is better than having too little.

@Jaakko Some CLC’s in Taiwan offer dorms/housing through their school. When I applied for my CLC, there was a question regarding housing on the application. I bet your school with work with you on making sure you have sufficient housing for the duration over there. I thankfully have friends in Taiwan, so I wont have to go through the process of finding housing over there.

Does anyone know if it’s feasible to find a job teaching English with a Bachelors degree, while attending language courses in the mornings through this scholarship? Ideally over the 2 month summer option, although I’m interested in the school year as well.

This page tells what you should know.

Ministry of Education: FAQ
Working in Taiwan

If you are an overseas Chinese student, the rules are slightly different.

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So for North Americans hoping to do the typical English teaching, this sounds like the answer is no, right? I guess I’m just curious what people do for the few months then since the 2 month scholarship is enough to cover the courses and flight, but it seems you’ll be paying out of pocket for other necessities and it also seems you’ll have a whole lot of free time given it’s just a few hours each day.

"Foreign students who have studied in school for two semesters or a language programmer for one year, with an excellent scholastic record, can work in Taiwan when one of the following circumstances applies:

Events of a serious nature have affected their financial ability to support themselves or continue their education, and the student can provide evidence of such circumstances.

An academic research institution at the student’s school requires a foreign student to provide assistance in its work.

The student needs to take part in an off-campus internship related to his or her field of study.

For foreign students with proficiency in a special language, the Ministry of Education may, on a case-by-case basis, give its approval for such students, following their enrollment, to take employment as instructors at language institutes affiliated with universities, colleges, or junior colleges, or at language institutes affiliated with foreign cultural and educational organizations in Taiwan."

That was written back in 06’ who knows if that still applies or whatnot. I am quite curious as well but I guess we shall see when I get there I hope. I submitted my application 2 weeks ago so now I am waiting to hear back for the results in April/May. I applied for the 9 months so I hope I get that duration of time.