:facebook: Huge protest in HK against Chinese extradition law

Another Tiananmen?

Well, let’s hope not…

Anger grew and the crowd shouted for them to free up more space, as the march came to a dead stop for large sections, in stifling heat.

I wonder if they try to pass these laws in the summer on purpose…


This legislation was initiated to extradite a man to Taiwan who murdered his pregnant girlfriend in Taipei City, and will walk after he serves a short term for stealing her credit cards.

Which is of course ridiculous
He murderered his girlfriend in Taiwan and should be tried for that murder either in Taiwan or Hong Kong

If a Taiwanese murdered his gf in HK for sure he would be tried for that crime in Taiwan

You mean extradite to China?

No, I mean Taiwan. But I see your point.

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Good point Tommy.

Singapore is able to put its citizens on trial for murders committed in Taiwan, and other jurisdictions. Hong Kong should change its laws to do the same.


Even without an extradition agreement, many countries will still extradite after legal red tape is looked after. I wonder why HK doesn’t do it on a case by case basis, especially with a wack job like that boyfriend running around hong Kong free. What a public danger.

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hk is a common law jurisdiction, taiwan is not…

Their lackey police are better trained in HK.
I think PRC have troops in barracks there.

It’s a shame that this case must have seemed like a gift for anyone wishing to highlight flaws in HK Law :pensive:. ironically … if they allowed extradition … they could enforce the One China policy and he could be sent to China ? In his case , he deserves to be .

July is the end of yearly session in HK legislative council. They reconvene in October as the start of a new session.

During the evening the youth groups were out in force. I witnessed it!

This is HKSAR government’s facadism/excuse to legislate. This law was dictated from the north as rule by fear!

I just hope it sinks in that the Chinese Communist Party can never be trusted. They agreed to allow HK’s laws to remain in place for 50 years.


Not a lawyer what does that mean in this case ?

In news the Taiwanese government has responded and they don’t want the man extradited to Taiwan.

Really ? Surprise to me

That’s what everyone in Hk is saying. There’s no trust between Hkers and the CCP.

Hk is now fast becoming 1C1S.
The Sino British joint declaration was registered at the UN in 1984.