Human Rights Ramifications of the Charles Mack Deportation

Is the Charles Mack Deportation a Human or Civil Rights Violation.

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Clearly there have been multiple human and civil rights violations perpetrated against Charles Mack. The ramifications of this are unclear but alarming in nature. If this individual can so easily be subjected to these kinds of defamations and subsequent deportation then all foreign residents here on Taiwan are at risk.

Can you direct me to some online information about this person’s situation??

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Human rights implications discuss on this thread, or take the more legal stuff to here.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer Charles Mack an honorary membership in the Overseas Americans in Taiwan organization. I would also like to offer my condolences concerning his recent misfortune and offer any and all assistance we can provide him in overturning his deportation order.
I would like to ask him to contact me personally at the OAIT website.

Chocolate’s case is just another illustration of how Chen’s government violates human rights in this country…someone mentioned that now “foreigners are at risk”…FOREIGNERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT RISK here…so far nothing has changed, and there’s no legal protection of foreign residents in Taiwan…

For crying out loud, this has nothing to do with ‘Chen’s government’. The laws and regulations that led to Chocolate’s deportation have been on the books for years and were set up by the KMT in the bad old days.

For crying out loud, this has nothing to do with ‘Chen’s government’. The laws and regulations that led to Chocolate’s deportation have been on the books for years and were set up by the KMT in the bad old days.[/quote]And being supported and implemented by Chen’s government now. This is what you would expect from the PRC, or during the bad old days of the KMT, not from someone who is supposed to be a human rights champion.

Disclaimer: I don’t think Chocolate should have been deported, and I think that the police in Taiwan should not have broad powers to deport people without hearings

Matthew: This case was handled by the Taipei County Police department. The central government is not concerned with this kind of day-to-day police work. The Taipei County police, the police in general, and the Ministry of the Interior are all conservative, foreigner-unfriendly institutions. They have all staunchly resisted efforts at even minimal reforms, largely for political reasons and also to protect their own interests.

I do agree with Brian Kennedy that the Chen administration like to represent itself as the ‘human rights’ party but in practice fails to accomplish very much.

What we need is a mindshift in the institutional cultures at those agencies whereby they would stop viewing foreigners as a problem that needs to be ‘managed’.

[quote=“Feiren”]Latest news in the Chocolate epic: … 02,00.html

Does not look good.

Chocolate appealed to the Taipei High Court. Chocolate and the Taipei City Police made statements. The court did not make a ruling but noted that not issuing a ruling would not stop Chocolate’s deportation (today). The Court emphasized that even if it ruled in Chocolate’s favor he would have to leave the country.

The court asked Chocolate to speak in Mandarin, but Chocolate used an interpreter claiming that he (choc.) speaks broken Mandarin.

The police say Chocolate was reported as a missing person, had syphilis, and had sex with people while he had the disease. Because he is an entertainer, they are deporting him as a threat to good morals and a bad influence on young!

I have to go to lunch, but this a travesty! I mean, what are they gonna do, deport the whole legislative Yuan next?[/quote]

So the police can overide any judgements made against them ? Does the term “Police State” apply here ?
What exactly is his crime ? Being a missing person ? Spreading Syphilis ? Rape ? I would have no objection if he was punished for that, if he was tried and convicted, nope, his crime is to have a disease that is not contagious in normal circumstances (unlike SARS), no evidence that he had sex while infected, not even an offical complaint. A disease that he couldn’t have purposely contracted (unlikely anyway). Only foreigners are punished for having Syphilis So he is being thrown out of his family, and his home for accidentally having a non-contagious desease and for being a foreigner. Any locals, or Chen Shuibian worshippers want to comment ?
Yes, I know Chen or (Taipei Count Magistrate) Su were not personally involved in this case, but they had the power to stop this before it happens, and niether of them would be sad to see this human rights abuse on their turf (Because it doesn’t involve a Taiwanese person)

If the events surrounding Choc’s pending deportation bother you so much, why don’t you lobby the government to change the law? Surely the hard-working, fair minded legislators from both the DPP and KMT would support a revision that puts the power of deportation in the hands of the court.


I don’t see how one can decide on whether Charlie’s rights were violated without knowing the details of his case. It seems he was deported for being a threat to public health, as he has spread an std and reportedly raped two guys. But, I think it’s important to see the evidence provided. Were the two guys interviewed by the police? If the court only took the wife’s statement as proof, then the case would definitely be unfair. As a gay man, I’m worried that he’s being prosecuted for his sexuality. As a foreigner, I’m afraid he’s being discriminated against for being a foreigner. But, if there was substantial proof of the rapes (doc reports/std tests?), etc., it would be hard for me to support Charlie no matter what.

I am not so sure that it is clear that the government was strictly following the spirit or the letter of the law. If he was kicked out for posing a medical risk to Taiwan, that was solved by his getting a clean bill of health (treated and healed) from a doctor. No risk, thus the government is arbitrarily applying the law. Why kick him out then? Well, good guesses include his sexual orientation, race and national origin, all of which are immutable characteristics. If Taiwan had real human rights, then the due process given others would be fully extended to him.

Odd that the DPP government that is so quick to trumpet their own credentials as sufferers under the KMT is so slow to protect the human rights of others trying to get by in this society. I cringe saying this, but it just kills me to see the DPP screw up the fundamentals like this.

If this happened in China, no-one would think to remark upon it. However it has happened here. We have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked into thinking there are “laws” here, and “due process” exists as a legal concept. The only laws applied here are the ones about kicking out foreigners, and the one Brazilian exception proves the rule. Or something.

taiwan naturally likes to pose as a democratic, “rule of law” nation. the chocolate fiasco is a major black eye for taiwan’s international image.

None of us have any rights here. Face it. No matter how long you have been here, you are still this far from being thrown out. If you´re married, your situation might be slightly better…as long as you get along with your spouse, that is…if you´re not, make sure you suck up to your employer. :imp: :imp: :imp:

I remember someone mentioning in a thread somewhere that Chocolate was getting the boot because he was an entertainer and his lifestyle/actions were a negative influence on young people on the island… does anybody have any more on this angle? Is THIS why he got kicked out?

Why not organise a protest outside of the Taiwan Economic Culture Office in DC ?

Anyone have any experience in doing something like this? I would like to hear the opinions of Americans here in Taiwan.

I think had be been a foreign investor that pumps money into Taiwan, rather than someone who the locals would perceive as “taking” money, it would have been a different story.

I also wonder if it was only rape allegations, if he would have been booted out still or given a trial.

With the presidential elections fast approaching in both the US and here on Taiwan a protest might be effective.
If we could organise and set up fund raising we might even get our tickets paid for by a certain very wealthy opposition party. Make it a campaign issue and all that.