Human Trafficking in Taiwan

Trafficking kids? First I have heard of that in Taiwan.
Are these kids getting TW id cards?

Trafficking Mainland women. This we have heard a lot of, and they still keep coming:

I’ve heard USA agencies making statements about human trafficking in Taiwan and always wondered why…

Corrupt executives at Chung Shan Hospital in Taipei helped facilitate the trafficking of thousands of Chinese nationals into Taiwan. Their scheme is now reportedly busted.


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Wow huge number

The numbers seem off. 24000 people. Under 18 million dollars. Less than a 1000nt per person.

Whenever I see these kind of stories, the profit made is always below what the numbers suggest it should be.

Whenever we think that, one of my first questions is: did they add another zero?

For what it’s worth, the number—around 24,000—also appears in a Focus Taiwan story:

The defendants [working at Chung Shan Hospital] had earned NT$17.85 million (US$557,800) from these fake checkups to help 24,600 Chinese come to Taiwan during the four-year period, prosecutors said.



Are these people currently over staying in Taiwan ?

More human trafficking groups were reportedly busted in Taoyuan.



Honestly didn’t think this was a big problem in Taiwan
Guess I was wrong

Kidnapping used to bring the death penalty
They need to bring that back

It isnt great for face. People tend to be ostracized for speaking up about such disgraceful things. Until the government says so. Taiwan is a great place, but it has real problems regardless of the all too common denial. Bringing in illegal women for abuse is as old as Taiwan (roc) itself.

Apparently it’s not just bringing in women illegally it’s advertising fake good jobs for unsuspecting local women who are then basically locked up against their will and made to do illegal acts

This is a major issue that can not be allowed in society and the criminals should be executed as they were before

Kidnapping is a capital crime , it was and should be again

Or nobody is safe


Arguable, but I put rape above kidnapping. regardless, They definitely do need a stronger deterrent! If not the death penalty, perhaps more enforcement. we have police driving around everywhere in this country and we have brothels everywhere as well. numbers just dont add up if we to be expected to think the government actually gives a shit.