I am entitled enough to not wear a mask

Say what you will, but security/popo here are amazingly restrained. Remember that cop that got hacked by a guy who didn’t want to park where he was supposed to? Bravo to our men and women in blue.


Third post on this today.


Get her ass.

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Yes, well done to them for their restraint. I wonder what the reaction would have been on say the New York Subway? or the London Underground even.

Is she Taiwanese?

Basically it would have had to be a cop, and I don’t think they would have been amused.

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If it bleeds, it leads.

None with so punchy a headline, tho. :wink:

Do a search. Slaps to the head, tasers and takedowns. Not pretty.

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You haven’t seen Facebook the last couple of days then? I must have seen this story a dozen times already… :roll_eyes:

Still no word on what her actual problem was. Just fancied a bit of aggro I guess.

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Well, those lazy, looping roundhouses hardly made any hay. I’d say a little arvo-tippling had something to do with her sense of E.

I just don’t get it. Why was she let up at all? She should have been handcuffed when she was on the ground in the first place, not let up multiple times - it is safer for everyone involved. Luckily, this individual was not armed, and not so crazy as to attack bystanders (or jump in front of a train). Still, it is not really patience or compassion , just lack of proper training.


Agreed. How many times did they take her down and put her in a head lock?

Totally agree, once down she should have stayed down, three of them dancing around like fairies :fairy:‍♂:fairy:t3:‍♀:fairy:t3:‍♀ Arm lock up the back and three on top of her, until the cops arrived.
Sad to also see everyone stands around recording it on their phones, how about going over and helping restrain her? My generation was taught to help law and order, render assistance in times of trouble.


Guards should be wearing masks too

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Oh ffs. Thanks for the input granddad.

This was not a “time of trouble”. This was a 40 kg girl having a wee meltdown.


Possible mental health issues. She should have been restrained on the ground for her own safety. Why did he keep letting her back up?


Use of tasers here would have solved this very quickly. The little dipshit should have never been allowed to get back up and keep throwing punches at a security guard. Sure he showed restraint, but it went on too long. There’s another video where two police officers have arrived and cuff her. The handled it much more appropriately, no fooling around when she began to push back once more. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Again, there were no stupid prizes. No adverse consequences.