I am upset for the reasons I state in my second post

… …:exploding_head:

I am sure this will be deleted or banned and that’s part of the problem. Since I have rejoined this esteemed forum. I have been prodded Poked and basically called everything from a robo con to a pervert. Not once has any member welcomed me said hello great to have you except for the generic Robo response when you join. But what I have enjoyed since I’ve joined many members questioning my validity sexuality and how perverted I am.

I’m pretty thick-skinned so I can handle it but most individuals coming to a site like this would probably leave quickly with reception like that.

Maybe I should have titled my thread my experience with Formosa in the 1st week.

I was never a member of taiwaneasy but I think you guys are going to be extinct like them.

I have never felt welcome here and that’s the reason I will probably not be posting anymore.

I will leave it to the 10 guys that post, that’s generous, the two insecure guys that keep bitching about me to the mods and whoever else reads this.

who are you?



Welcome to Forumosa.
I don’t mind your posts. We all have things to say. Sometimes people agree and give little hearts, but moreso than not a dialogue occurs that presents both sides.
Relax about people harshing on you or you harshing on someone else. It’s the nature of a forum beast. You should go to the free school of @Andrew0409. He very ably can take on 10+ people with opposing views all at once.


C’mon, man. Don’t be a drama queen. Nobody’s out to get you.

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Just make a intro thread like many others. We don’t know who you are, it’s hard to just jump in with strong opinions. It’s not like we get a notification if someone new joins. Some thread sections are more back and forward than others. Some people stay away from them, and from certain hot topics. Some people like myself enjoy them. I think you are smart enough to figure out which ones are the ones people are going to come at what you say and get heated.

Welcome. Hope you stay, always good to have new faces and POVs.

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I live for these threads. Gets me out of bed in the morning. :crazy_face:


No my experience here is one of paranoid,insecure, individuals that feel the need to attack or call names instead of being open and welcoming

so, I can’t call you Pickles the Cat?


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Can’t be worse than what people probably think of me, I imagine some people paint a picture of a racially confused bible thumping misogynistic white nationalist doing a nazi salute in a MAGA hat.


That’s not accurate? :thinking:


Only during the day out of guilt and shame, I’m clearly a sexually confused incel with a colonial mindset living in my mom’s basement. It would explain everything.


I don’t mind pickles the cat I don’t mind everything Andrew has to say but it just seems like almost every thread someone wants to say you’re a robot or a pervert , and it’s like you got three or four individuals every time they want to try to figure out who you are or what you’re about how you are and if they can’t they just go to standard crude remarks just under the mods radar.

Can you actually link a example of this? Go and quote where someone said this and post it on this thread as a reply if you don’t know. I didn’t see this, but I didn’t really interact with you much if at all.

BORING🤪 you go find it

I’m just curios on what type of circumstance is calling someone a perverted robot a relevant insult.

I’m not here to please you and your attitude at first. Who are u… told me a lot

Apparently you’re confusedAndrew I’m done with you.

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Just me saying hi, if I wanted to get nasty I get pretty direct. Take it easy, we joke around and keep it light hearted in most threads.