I can't afford to bring my dog back home

I have a dog here and I have to go back.

I really want to take him with me but all the options I’ve looked at cost a bloody fortune.

One company quoted me AUD 10k to transport him to Australia. I know the quarantine alone is AUD220/day and the import permit is AUD 500. I’ve already completed all the rabies tests which cost a fortune and other associated costs keep mounting up. I’ve even created a GoFundMe campaign for him which saw little support which I’ve now taken down.

Is there a way I can find him a home or a shelter here? I’d like the option of coming to get him in a few months when I have the $, but I realise someone may fall for him and want to keep him and I suppose I would have to accept that.

The more I read it seems the bureaucracy is insurmountable and that going with a company is essential. I am hoping that is just them trying to maintain the monopoly and that it is indeed possible for an ordinary joe to get through all the paperwork on both sides which would save huge $.

I suppose I could credit card it and put myself in a precarious position. This is quite heart wrenching to say the least.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

Are there creative methods to ship your dog to Australia? For example, how about a sailboat ride? I read that cargo ships accept passengers. What about dogs? Try googling.

Who will take care of the dog for days on a boat? It will probably cost even more if a person has to be there.

You should put it in your card. You got the dog, should have considered these things knowing you’re in a foreign country. Leaving it in a shelter is fucked up.

Other option is to find another home.


Try finding another loving home for your beloved dog.

is it a cocker spaniel?

How about not being a dick and staying with your dog here until you got the money to go back together

Wtf kind of attitude is this ?

Besides, it doesn’t cost you 10k :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How about putting in the time and jumping trough the bureaucratic hoops and doing it yourself ? If you managed to apply for a passport you can apply for a import permit for your dog as well


Or until he finds another home for the dog.

The ticket for your dog from here to Australia is twice your ticket, so I would be surprised if it’s much more than 2k

I doubt the import papers will put you back more than max 500, plus the vaccines etc in tw.

So all in all, 3k max go get him there

I also think it’s weird that to transport the dog to Australia is 10k AUD. That’s around 7k USD. For me to bring my dogs from the US to Taiwan was about 2.5k USD.

guys, 10K for transport + quarantine is perfectly plausible. The OP isn’t being a dick. AU$10K is a lot of money for anybody, and there comes a point where one has to think “how many of my life-hours do I want to sacrifice for this?”. The answer is never “as many as it takes”.

As the OP said, it’s basically just a racket. Biosecurity is important, of course, but the standard procedure is outdated, cruel, and pointless, especially bearing in mind that humans are permitted to travel with zero biosecurity measures in place.

Anyway, under the circumstances the best option is to find a foster home. The OP will most likely have to pay a substantial amount for this - I’ve heard upwards of NT$15000 per month - but you may find some kind soul who will accept less.

If that isn’t possible, you’d best try for “adoption”.


I done international dog moving twice, and both times it was roughly the price of my own plane ticket times 2, which seems to be the case for you as well(albeit a bit on the high side I presume)

It’s not 10k to Australia, probably similar or maybe a bit more than it would be to Europe or USA


Op is saying 10k plus quarantine

You’re right. That sounds a bit off.

I just checked and quarantine is $29/day, not $220. So perhaps the import company is playing silly buggers here.

I guess he can minimize the quarantine period by getting all the appropriate shots and whatnot.

The issue I take is, If the OP thinks that is too much, he should not have bought a dog Abroad. It’s something he should have considered. I can fork over that much for my dogs but i have considered the process too time consuming as I’ve done it in the past. I really want to have a dog but I know I’m someone who moves around a bit as for now. So I am not going to get a dog.

The quarantine is most definitely AUD 220 per day. I’ve triple checked this.

I’ve found another company which will do it for NTD 120k including flights and quarantine. Much more doable.

I’ll make a decision shortly as to attempt the paperwork myself or go with the company. It is most definitely significantly more complex to send a dog overseas than apply for a passport.

Yes, I absolutely should not have gotten the dog given my situation. There is a long story as to how I got the dog and not really worth going into. That’s done now and I just have to do my best with the situation.

I did some research. Here are the costs based on other people’s reports and official sites. It really is a ton of work to import an animal into Australia!

The quarantine is 2000 minimum for a total of 10 days. If parasites are found, the fee goes up.

10,000 is twice the amount it seems it should be.

Try to find a foster family?

I don’t want to be without my dog. I am going to use a combination of credit card and savings. My savings will be dented but my conscience will be clear.

It does seem like a bit of a rort by the Aus government. Basically using our emotional attachment as leverage to fleece us. They do this with everything though, if your wife wants to live with you in Australia it is AUD 7.5 K ONLY for the visa application fee. You will be looking at spending 12k all up.

I am reading all the requirements now. It does seem like you have to hire a specialist, considering the consequences if you make a mistake. I enjoyed the comments about it being similar to renewing a passport and that it’s $29 a day for quarantine. Funny guys.

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it will be worth it! should be a better environment there too.

How about crowdfunding?