I got threatened

I was just about to leave work this morning at the Family Mart and this guy comes in, and some dog runs in so I proceeded to try to kick it out because we don’t allow dogs indoors. Then that guy got mad at me and yells a lot of stuff in Taiwanese that I don’t understand. I told him we don’t allow dogs indoors and then he sounded threatening. I told him he’s better leave or else I will call the cops then he said a bunch more Taiwanese and left. Guys that were there told me they said that he’s gonna wait for me outside. So I walk home with an umbrella incase he does try to attack me or something. We got everything on tape, what should I do, do you think he’s gonna get some “boys” to attack me when I am out at night or something?

What can I do in this situation? I wonder if my boss finds out he’s gonna blame me for trying to kick out a dog or something because I swear that guy is waiting for me to fall.

You work in a Family Mart?

A jobs a job.

What the prob? He’s workin.

No problem at all - he’s just the first native speaker I’ve heard of working in a convenience store. Way to go, by the way, for kicking the dog out. Every time I see people bring a dog into the Lotus Hill store, I always ask if it’s ok if I bring Gustav inside as well, and point to my big dog waiting patiently outside the front door. Of course the clerks just stammer nervously - they don’t like it when people bring dogs into stores, but they don’t view themselves as having the authority to do anything about it.

Actually, that’s a whole separate topic - people in positions of authority who are afraid to exercise their power. Life guards who tolerate children in the adults-only hot tub, police officers who look the other way when traffic violations occur, waiters who let people smoke in non-smoking areas, etc.

If you really feel threatened, inform your boss as well as the police, and carry some pepper spray on you; maybe have some friends meet you at the store to head home with you for a few days until the likelihood of a real problem subsides?

Mao -
OK…funny anecdote that I think I mentioned before.
When I was handed my ARC by the guy here, I asked him if there any employment restrictions I should be aware of. He said, “No…you can even work at 7/11 if you want to”…and then he gave a really nervous laugh as he got the mental image of me working at 7/11. I thought it was funny also also.
Shay guang li !!!..Whaddaya want?

Pepper spray is a good idea. Just remember, he who draws first “blood” is likely to lose in court. So let him get in the first punch and be sure to get it documented in the hospital and claim whiplash and psychological damage as well.
Also make sure and stage it all in front of a security cam.
The guy is probably casing out your work time for now but I’d keep an eye out for sure.

You should make Gustav eat their dogs.

just kidding

I always rahimiiii was Taiwanese. Am I wrong?

I always rahimiiii was Taiwanese. Am I wrong?[/quote]

He’s probably an ABT or FBT …

Hate to say this but you deserved it, you could have kindly asked him to leave the dog outside but NO need to kick the dog or be mean to the animal…

I doubt that he kicked the animal…‘kick out’ usually means to chase them outside

I thought it was a stray dog… it wasn’t leashed nor did it have a collar. It just like ran in when the “owner” was already in the back of the store. I grew up in Texas but I was born in Taiwan by the way…

Also make sure and stage it all in front of a security cam…[/quote]

Not a problem there if the fight takes place in front of the doors. Post on here, so I can submit it for a crime video show. :smiling_imp:

ABC you need an APBT :slight_smile:

So he is a TBTRITUS …


LOL great necklace.

Yeah keep him in the shop that will scare the strays and the trash away lol

Nice picture Tigerman :bravo: :laughing:

If you kicked one of my dogs, I would threaten you at the very least. You have no right to abuse any animal.

If, however, you just chased the dog away, I can understand that.

to answer your question: One thing I have learned in life is that those who threaten do so because they have nothing else up their sleeve, so you can sleep soundly.

I thought dogs go into 7/11s all the time in Taiwan? Mordeth brought his in as well on one of his vids. But you didnt see the dog had an owner inside. It was natural for the dog to run to him though.