I-herb order held by Taiwan Customs, what to do?

hi my order from IHERB is on hold by custom…how to cleared my order in taiwan custom??? can someone help me? thank you…

how much did you order? you can contact the courier and ask them to provide the documents needed to clear customs. You will need to send them a photocopy of your passport.

More importantly, what did the op order. Food orders are always iffy customs wise. After all there is bio security concerns not to mention protectionist laws due to agriculture.

Plus if there’s any meat product it gets even more iffy.

it costs around 3700nt.

i ordered food supplements and some skin care products…

What “food supplements”? Still too vague.

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You should probably have kept it below NT$2k if you wanted to avoid import duties etc. See here for example.

Looks like you’ll need to take your wallet.

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金額超過 65.00美元 (新台幣2,000元)的訂單可能需要支付關稅和其他稅費
Orders with an amount exceeding US$65.00 (NT$2,000) may be subject of import duties and other taxes

You have to download the EZWAY APP but some people have problems with the registration , so is better to contact the Currier directly


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If you’re using DHL and stuff it has to go through EZ Way. For some reason postal shipments do not. So if you could get it shipped priority mail then that would be the best way.

But if you order stuff from Amazon and all then they’re going to tax you regardless of order amount. The limit is like 2000nt over a long period of time (like 6 months or something).

the EZ Way doesn’t work for ARC or APRC


That’s what I keep saying: no EZ way for Adogahs. We gotta do it the hard way.