I think I need to quit Forumosa


I am pretty new to this site but I am already addicted. I keep logging on at hourly intervals throughout the day and reading through threads from years ago. It’s not actually that I’m addicted to the site but rather that I am just wanting to move to Taiwan…RIGHT NOW.

But unfortunately the plan, which is actually quite reasonable and meticulously considered, is for us to move next fall, like around Sept or Oct of 2021. I’m not your typical instant-gratification millennial but…ugh…

We are essentially in self-imposed lockdown here in South FL which certainly does not help…and I am so ready to be in Taiwan instead.

I’m dying here…reading and dreaming. Maybe some of you can empathize? Alright that is all.


I don’t blame you for wanting out of south Florida. I lived in Boca right before I moved back to Taiwan. I did not like It very much.


I lived in Tampa for 6 months in my early 20s and hated it.

Taiwan is far from perfect though, but I understand wanting to get out of the covid-19 hellscape that is Florida right now. Why can’t you come earlier than late 2021? Seems a strange date to pick, unless there’s some reason you have to wait. I think regular travel will be back up and running by early next year.


“like around Sept or Oct of 2021”

sounds like someone needs to finish his/her degree. early fall is always the typical time for youngsters to start something new.


Wow, south Florida must be every bit the shithole everyone says it is…


Reminds me of when I saw refugees fleeing Sudan for Ethiopia.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I can empathise, I’ve doing the same thing for a few months now. It has helped me to take a short break (not reading all threads, just those focused on the situation in Taiwan right now) and then get back at it and get excited again.

Not sure how feasible it is for you but getting a new hobby has also helped.


Why does everyone hate Florida? Especially south Florida. Nice beaches, blue waters, in the Caribbean, Sunshine? Just asking cause I never lived there but it doesn’t look so bad.

I’ve never been to Florida, but my favourite reporter has.


I’m truly looking forward to my relocation as Hk and CCP suffocation is beyond reasonable description.


I think there’s quite a lot of negativity here though? Or rather discussion of the less pleasurable aspects of life in Taiwan


At least I don’t disappear in Taiwan.


unless you want to


The same could be said for Bengazi.


Well, so, alrighty then. How about if you give us the low down about you and Taiwan. I don’t get it.

Why Taiwan? What’s the dealio? What’s your connection or attraction? How about laying the greasy details on us?

As for me, if it weren’t for having a Taiwanese wife and her insisting on coming back here to live after my retirement, I would never, never, never, never EVER choose Taiwan as a place to move. I mean, like EVER! I’ve lived in Florida, but the L.A. part and except for all the rednecks, it was alright.

Why would I leave Hawaii for Taiwan if it weren’t for my wife? Huge downgrade!

So, please do tell us what drives your enthusiasm?


It’s sad we have to ask this, when we wouldn’t bat an eye if someone expressed a strong urge to live in Japan or South Korea.

Did you explain to your wife how you feel about this?


In fact, I would absolutely ask the same of any country. It interests me as to why anybody, including the OP, would be so excited to move to the other side of the world and live in any particular country.

So, the question is “Why Taiwan? What it that blows your socks off? Have you spent tons of time here? Is it your family’s country of origin?

What’s wrong with Malaysia or Borneo, or Sri Lanka, India or any other place for that matter? I was in a Taiwan back in the early 80s with the US government. Not impressed to give it a second thought to say the least. In fact, I had checked Taiwan off my list of “No need to ever come back here again!” Ironic isn’t it?

If anyone showed the same exuberant attitude towards Japan or Korea, I’d be just as perplexed. I’ve lived in Korea and it sucked ass due to all the xenophobia encountered on a daily basis. I’ve lived in Japan, too and it was fine, but nothing to get me all fired up over.

There is truly no place in the world that I would get all excited and desire to make a move and I’ve traveled to and lived all over the world. No place is fabulous enough to get my panties in a twist.

So, I’m curious as to what drives someone to “dream about” moving to another country, especially if they’ve never lived there before. And to be so smitten with a place that you exclaim that you’re dying to get over there.

Maybe I’m just a grouchy, cynical old fucker who forgot how to dance and dream.


big mistake. Come in May.

Ironic that you chose 3 things which don’t exist in Taiwan.