I would very much like an alternative forum that was much more heavily regulated

Honestly, only recently joined, I would very much like an alternative forum that was much more heavily regulated. I’ve been completely flabbergasted at the number conspiracy theories and far right talking points and beliefs in this forum. That’s not to say that the forum should be left leaning, but a lot of the ideas coming from the right are seriously harmful.


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Hint: mute the International Politics & American Politics parts of the site. Select the specific forum, and you have options to mute on the little bell icon - top right of my screen as I look at this on an iPad. If politics isn’t your thing, muting all that makes this site much more appealing.


Which ones would those be? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But as I keep pointing out we need to keep temped posts from IP inside IP. In the coming weeks it’s going to flame up and this site will suffer as a result.


You can always start your own. You’ll then be free to strike down any ideas that don’t agree with yours, thus ensuring ongoing harmony.


My therapist calls this precipitory anxiety.

Yer gonna alright Mr. Bear. I promise. :cowboy_hat_face:

This seems like a good time for a mod to make an instructional video on how to mute a thread.

Just saying…it wasn’t covered the other night and I forgot to ask bc I was talking nonstop. :whistle:


Go to Reddit. Or start your own Reddit as mentioned above. Not much choice for Taiwanese forums.


You are free to rebuke any of those ideas or mute the entire Politics forums.


The old free speech method of dealing with opinions one disagrees with. It’s old school, but I like it.


I like the free marketplace of ideas. I’m particularly grateful to mups, eCanada and other left-leaning posters for taking the time and making the effort to present their side of things. Very informative.


Completely disagree. I think the moderation balance is about right here.

There’s nothing stopping users who can’t tolerate opinions they don’t like (or, better, tolerate even reading opinions they don’t like) from muting sections of the site or individual users, or finding/starting forums where they only ever hear exactly what they already think. I’ve always found that attitude a bit…hmm, silly for adults voluntarily using the internet, but each to their own. :man_shrugging:

There are quite a few users on here who consistently post stuff that to me seems really dumb/toxic in certain threads (no names :cow2: :horse:)…but who cares? Occasionally they say something interesting or smart, and everything else can be ignored. I’ve only ever found it necessary to mute one poster, and that was more of an issue of posting volume and nonsensical comebacks than anything else.


walking into a bar

I DEMAND you start serving organic juice AT ONCE!

Really though, this is the internet. Dually: anything can be written, anything can be read.

You can control the latter, just ehm don’t read the conspiracy theories and whatever else doesn’t float your boat.

I just got an award that said I have come to this site every day for the past year, and I had no idea this was a right-leaning conspiracy website until I read your post about it. I just don’t care about politics or conspiracies and never noticed that people are apparently posting about them. It’s so incredibly easy to not read something.


If people simply avoid the site for the sole reason that it has people that might agree with some or all right wing ideas, politicians or talking points then yeah, it’s gonna look like a right wing site.

But that’s wrong. Opinions are as welcomed as any other. (Provided they follow the rules)

We’re not in the business of creating right-wing safe spaces or left-wing safe spaces. Anyone can criticise and anyone may receive criticism. I found that it helps to be personable, friendly and helpful during the times politics isn’t on the table and to not get too heated when debating. If someone breaks the rules, it’ll be dealt with.

Attempting to see the other side when you disagree goes far in establishing goodwill… it often is forgotten by left, centre and right posters. Hint hint for the rest of yous!


Are…are you suggesting…empathy?



My parents raised a monster.
Definitely not Presidential Material I is!

There are four posters who I respect who liked this post. Damn, that’s disappointing. I’m hoping they clicked like without thinking.

Regulation of ideas, either Right or Left, is just wrong.