Ice breaker on MRT

Well I’m new to Taipei (not to Taiwan) and I don’t ever go out to bars or clubs(too expensive and I don’t drink), and I take the MRT everyday. Everyday on the MRT I see loads of people including good looking women. Question is what’s a good idea for an ice-breaker with them? The women in general seem to give off an energy like they don’t anybody talking to them, so it’s hard for me to make an approach.

Any ideas? Seriously, I’m so sick of meeting TW girls online

Leave people alone on the MRT. They are just trying to get where they want to go. No one wants to be bothered in an enclosed space where they cannot walk away.

being on the mrt is like being in an elevator. no one looks at anyone else. everyone looks at the floor or ceiling or the display board. there are plenty of other places to meet people. go for coffee and look around. see anyone alone, talk to them. ever try a simple, “ni hao” ? do you speak mandarin? if so fine, if not, look for someone studying english in the park or coffee house. talk about that.

i have found that even if people seem standoffish, if you make an effort you usually find they are friendly, but taipei is a huge city and people don’t expect strangers to come up and talk to them. be aloof, not needy. make them laugh. see what happens. good luck. friendly girls are out there. some would probably like it if you talked to them, others may not want to be bothered. so don’t get down on yourself if you strike out a few times. jm

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I think the word you are looking for is “Polite”. If someone seems standoffish they likely wish not to be bothered, but that doesn’t mean they will be rude if they are. That doesn’t make them any less irritated about being bothered. It just means they are too polite to show it.
I can honestly say I have never thought “Whew! I’m so glad this person saved me from having a quiet moment with myself!”

Go for eslite Dunhua instead, the standoffish women there often want to be disturbed.

saf: actually i did use the word i was looking for, “friendly”. ‘standoffish’ can just mean ‘reserved’.
you keep your cynical view of people and i will keep my optimistic view.

james: try to smile at least once a day at a stranger and see if you get a smile back.

sorry for all the lower case letters. its just easier and faster, and who cares, its not a formal letter.

It isn’t a cynical view. It is that you shouldn’t mess with people who don’t look like they wish to be messed with. Many MANY people don’t like talking to people they don’t know. I think maybe even a majority.

Maybe you could try “Do you come here often?”

“Nice panties.” :howyoudoin:

[quote=“JOHN MOSS”]saf: actually i did use the word i was looking for, “friendly”. ‘standoffish’ can just mean ‘reserved’.
you keep your cynical view of people and i will keep my optimistic view.

james: try to smile at least once a day at a stranger and see if you get a smile back.

sorry for all the lower case letters. its just easier and faster, and who cares, its not a formal letter.[/quote]

C’mon, guys, I understand why you would think weren’t being threatening and/or irritating, but really, if I were on the underground in London in my 20s, having a ‘foreigner’ babbling and grinning in French at me, a smile and a date would not be the outcome of that exchange…

They are being polite. In other situations they might want to talk to you but not when they are off to do something important and half the train carriage is listening in amusement as you give the girl an impromptu English test. (unless you’ve been here 10+ years and speak great Chinese) You are making her lose face which is why she is being 'standoffish.

Just my theory, anyway. I could ask some Taiwanese girls why they don’t pick up foreign guys on the MRT, if you like?

And as a side point, the lower case letters do matter. Why do they only matter in formal letters? Do you only show respect for your readers if you want something?

Lecture over. Sorry.

Call me an old fart or something, but I believe any contact in such a manner as you describe would be based 100% on the physical - and if you think about it, she will also realise this.

The bottom line is it’s pretty shallow and any good women will feel that she is not respected for anything other than her looks, and it will only go downhill from there.

Sure, we see people all the time when we are out and about, and heaps are attractive. Have a think about your chances. Maybe you could talk to 100 girls before one actually sees you for anything other than an invasion of her privacy. What are the chances of that one girl actually being compatible anyway?
Apart from the whole ‘trapped’ feeling you’d put these girls in (aka ‘creepy’) you’d be better off making more effort to increase your social circle and put yourself in situations where it’s 100% OK to chat to other girls, and then see what develops.

James Blunt is an idiot anyway.

An Eskimo woman with a bloody seal draped over her shoulders corners you on a bus in midtown Manhattan during rush hour and starts winking at you.

Do you
a) jump to your feet and give her the universal sign for “blowjob”
b) stare at the floor in awkward silence hoping she’ll just disappear

Seriously, forget the MRT. You can find loads of women, many of whom are very good looking, in the stalls of public bathrooms. Never mind that “don’t bother me” vibe they seem to exude. Just kick the door in and strike up a conversation.

Yeah–everybody wants to give you the lecture here on Formosa- it’s like being in a convent filled with annoying nuns, now how about what you asked for;

“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to interrupt you staring off into space, I’m a newbie, cheapskate non-drinking loser who is too afraid to go to bars because my mother told me they were evil dens filled with red lipped Jezebels and too scared to ride a motorcycle because communists invented those two wheeled chariots of Satan, would you mind if I stalked you for the rest of your trip?”

The key to meeting a woman in a way that both you and her are comfortable with is to supplant need with desire, and to learn to approach meeting a stranger more intuitively. That is, let it happen naturally, never forcing it. Forcing it makes it uncomfortable for both sides.

In general, be fully engaged in the business of living your life to the fullest, serving your friends and loved ones, moving in positive directions, and you’ll naturally be attractive to others. You won’t ever need to force anything, because you’re happy with your life, though you’re always open to new possibilities.

Say you’re on the MRT (or standing in line at the bank, or buying something at 7-11, or jogging in the park). You’re single, available, not needy but open to whatever good things come your way. You see a nice looking woman. You glance at her, catching her gaze, and smile a little. If she doesn’t smile back, go back to what you were doing and don’t sweat it. You didn’t hurt anyone–you just smiled at someone is all. If she smiles back, then give her a little nod. If she keeps smiling and there is an empty seat next to you, you could wave to her as if to invite her to sit next to you, if that feels right. It might not feel right, in which case you just let it go as a nice, friendly encounter with a stranger. She might also refuse, which is okay too. Then you just smile graciously and go back to your own business.

The details of this kind of encounter will vary. The key is not to force it, to let it happen naturally. You want it too much, and everyone is embarrassed and uncomfortable.

I’m with bubba. Don’t listen to the weenies. Taiwan chicks looove cheesie pickup lines. :lovestruck: When I’m hitting up babes on the MRT (when my wife and daughter aren’t there), I’ll try something like this. Good luck.

Damn! And I thought I was good looking!

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

Baby, you remind me of a parking ticket cuz you have “fine” written all over your face.

You must be a hell of a thief cuz you stole my heart from across the train.

If I told you you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

I’m a Love Pirate, and I’m here for your booty! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

I’m not Fred Flintstone, but I’ll make your bed rock.

If you were a booger I’d pick you first.


Well, MT, I guess you can’t use the old classic:

“I’m no lawyer, but I am sure I could get you off”

I met an incredibly hot girl on the MRT once. I was sitting opposite her and everyone was sitting there sort of waiting for something interesting to grab their attention. Well after after I had decided that I would only regret never having even appraoched this girl and taking a big gulp I got up, everyone stared at me as I took the two steps over to the other side of the cabin and I told her that I couldn’t contain myself as I thought she was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. Actually it was quite a relief having said it and I felt immediately better and resolved. She went all red and travelled toward the door. I thought she was trying to escape, but the train was slowing down and it was really her stop. Well to my amazement she gave me her telephone number and said I could call her. I did, we got together and were a couple for a rollercoaster ride of quite a few months.
Would I recommend approaching someone on the MRT? Yes, I suppose it worked for me. Most people have their guard down when in public as opposed to being in a bar having bricked up all their walls whilst powdering on their makeup before even going there. Approach people on the street or anywhere that isn’t considered a pick up joint, and I believe you should have better success and things will at least seem more natural and less forced.

“Are you going all the way ?” Always works for me.

Great story sulavaca…and I think all of us guys remember countless examples of similar opportunities that we missed because of doing nothing.

Only a cold hearted bitch wouldn’t feel like you made her day. (unless you are unusually creepy).

I agree with John Moss. A smile is not too encroaching, but the response will give you all the feedback you need to know of whether to approach…and as for whether the MRT is suitable, have you ever read the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess?

That attitude might cost you a fortune in child support.

I have got phone numbers off females in the weirdest places, although not on the MRT. I have never prowled for dates, though.