Ideas for a 'foreign' staycation and/or adventure in Taiwan?

So we are pretty much all stuck here this year.

How do we avoid death by niu rou mian?

My recommendations

  • go to xiao liu qiu on a weekday and swim with the turtles (thank me later )
  • finally learn diving
  • do that big hike up Yushan, Xueshan you never got round
  • go to the smangus area and visit the little known ancient tree grove near there (thank me later )
  • drive the spine of Taiwan from North to South (I did this a few years ago it was awesome , felt like a different country at times, and there wasn’t one 7-11 along the whole route )
  • eat out at those pricey Thai and Western places you never tried before
  • get surfing lessons
  • go golfing (I never went golfing here cos I heard it’s crap but you never know)
  • finally get a nice bike and do dawn rides
  • buy a Harley and ride like the wind


  • cycle round the island in the middle of summer , are you fuckin nuts ?

Golf at the Jingxi pitch and putt in Jingmei is very doable. Costs about 700 each for a foursome with club rental.


What’s the “spine is Taiwan”?


:+1: One of my favorite spots in Taiwan (so far)

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I’m having a hard time thinking of someplace in Taiwan that makes me feel like I’m not in Taiwan.

I’ve had this feeling before but I can’t remember where right now.


I would not say anything about smangus is ‘little-known’… I was mostly unimpressed with smangus myself, mostly due to how freakin’ crowded it was. The scenery is beautiful and the trees are indeed cool, but at least for me the grove was one long queue for taking pictures.

I’d suggest going to the stretch of land between Hualien and Taitung and find a homestay on the beach there, and do some wild hikes, visit aboriginal villages there, maybe even go to a 豐年祭 in August.
I also love Kinmen - good food, good culture, great history. One of my favorite places in Taiwan so far.


There are nice course. But expensive and private.

More fun:

  1. Get thrown out of a 7-11 and/or Family Mart.
  2. Start a fight with several Taiwanese guys in a bar.
  3. Explore the joys of ketamine.
  4. Join a Christian AND a Buddhist cult at the same time.
  5. Walk through a Kaohsiung night market wearing a shirt that says: “Han Guo-yu sucks these big balls.”
  6. Go to the Taipei International Airport and have a loud conversation about your recent trip to Wuhan.

Very much a First World problem, but being stuck here until October at the earliest is beginning to play on my mind.


I have never been to Smangus itself so want to go back (road is terrible of course), I have been to the other grove about an hour or two from Smangus which was freaking amazing and there was nobody there when we went.


On reflection, Not enough ‘foreignness’ in my ideas above…Need more.:sunglasses:

Seem to be French students. Quite harmless, just drunk guy doing stupid shit.

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Mine too. It took Covid -19 and the prospect of being stuck in Taiwan for the foreseeable future to make me see how much I didn’t want to stay here. Trying my best not be an insufferable prick due to that internal frustration but easier said than done. First chance I get, I’m out. 2 years has been long enough.

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OK guys, good ideas…Keep it positive.

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I like that you put this last on your list, given it’s probably the last ting you will do. Especially if you go straight from Gogoro to Harley.

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I don’t even have a gogoro so need to get started . I could skip a few generations . You are right, I’m not actually going to do this one. I do want a gogoro there is a chance that night happen but it’s not very foreign either :sunglasses:.

There’s that castle-like B&B near Qingjing farm. Very foreign.

Nobody is allowed to mention the dreaded '異國料理、 :grin:

I’m thinking there could be a business in ‘Bali nights’ this Summer, near some beach or resort area live music, spicy food, hot…coals to BBQ on. Every night is Bali night!

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There’s also a Seattle B&B. I was gratified to see my hometown represented.