Ideas for small team building activity around Taipei area

Some do, some don’t. I don’t want to do an activity I don’t like, with people I don’t like, in my own time. If there is the option for my employer to pay for me to do something I enjoy, with good colleagues, on their time, I would want to be there.


Wow, go play with the team for free? You are a better man than I :sweat_smile:

I think this sentiment shows how strong the team is, dunnit it?


Lazer Quest followed by chicken in a basket feigning interest? Yeah, I’d have preferred to have not gotten paid.

Having said that I’m not entirely sure what your point is. Which is another reason why I opted out of the corporate world.

Truly a heroic sacrifice. I wouldnt go through that for free…


and this

a thousand times.

Nothing makes me feel less sociable than having it engineered and mandated.

The ultimate insult is when you’re stuck making proverbial balloon animals and you know there’s a mountain of actual work piling up.


I think you’d need to be brothers in arms before venturing along that route!

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Thanks for all the ideas.
The escape room seems a good option.
Followed by eating and drinking.
And if we are all in good spirits after that, onward to the KTV!

(BTW, how to recognise the sleaze-level of KTV places?)
… maybe a different topic?


Thus the booze. :tumbler_glass:

Finally someone said it and well said. It’s sometimes just a tax write off, sometimes just to see who will kiss their asses the most. And yeah not everyone want F . g team build in the weekends
If people just do their jobs professionally then bosses should leave them alone in their free time. Some people have lives outside work.

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It has some value in some contexts, but I agree should always be on company time and company dime

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I was ranting but yeah , agree .