First for 2010:

“The scooter, which was built before Christmas, was Mr Furze’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.”

Until now, I hadn’t realized I wanted a flame-thrower on a motorbike.

Drunken idiots at sea: … /?hpt=Sbin

Worlds best troll or Palin presidential seat test run.

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2015 update: … -ice-cops/

The video differs from the printed version. You have to watch it to get the full breathtaking stupidity of this.

Oh. Dear Lord. :doh:

Sounds like wannabe Mythbusters except without the mythbusting or the science … fb_abcn_sf

Thankfully no one was badly hurt here, and thus it’s a good opportunity to provide this warning: people, don’t dangle your kid over a cheetah pit.

The cheetah article mentions a child died at another zoo when a mother lifted her child onto the railing and he fell in…wild dogs mauled him to death. I googled and found that the parents sued the zoo for negligence. The zoo countersued. The two settled out of court but details not released. The exhibit had previously passed 35 inspections since 2006.

Man guarding anti-Islam gun store accidentally shoots self

Obviously he should have been carrying two guns, using the second gun to shoot the first gun after he dropped it.

These crazy kids today. Can’t they just snort cocaine like we did?

It wasn’t immediately clear why Jones was standing near a Girl Scout cabin when the mishap occurred.


What happened to stealing from the parents liquor cabinet and getting s dime bag?

Now they’ll require you to have a license to be able to purchase plastic trash cans at the supermarket. Wait for it, it’s coming.

The header for this should probably be updated.

It’s kind of a tradition now.

I would have to include anyone who would go on this :scream:

I would have to include anyone who believes that is real. :roll: